Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ROMANCE? Help Keep My Sisters Interested In Reading

Quick post from my phone; forgive the clumsiness and/or typos.

Thanks to Twilight, my sisters have slowly become interested in reading. (They were NOT readers before, so regardless of any personal opinions about the vampire romance-- which I enjoyed-- I am grateful). Ever since Twilight caught their attention, they've come often to my bookcase and borrowed from my extensive stash of YA books. They don't always finish them. Actually, I'd say ninety percent of the books they borrow come back, unfinished :( I'm talking best-selling authors, books I have LOVED. ("Really?" I ask them. "Sorry Nana," they say). Anyway, they want MORE romance, (so they keep telling me). Most of the stories I have aren't as saturated with LOVE as they want. Soooo, I figured I'd start guiding them to my adult romance novel collection (also extensive) but they want the blushing-crushing-first-love story. I can't make them happy! Except recently they became ADDICTED to Perfect Chemistry and Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles and they said, MORE LIKE THAT DIANA!!!!! The back and forth guy pov was a hit, as was the "romance first and other stuff second" focus of the story. I suggested Shiver/Linger by Maggie Stiefvater, which I remember being that way, and they LOVED it too. Yay! But that was a while ago. Now I'm at a loss. Every time I Google "YA romance" I come up with a similar list of books I already own...books my darling sisters didn't find romancey enough.

So blog friends, I need your help!!!!! Suggestions of YA romance novels? NOT novels that "have romance" but that are ACTUAL romance novels? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? We're hanging out this weekend so I'd love to have some fantastic suggestions for them; thanks in advance... Di
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  1. Hmm I was going to say Shiver, but you already went there. I'm going to guess Kelley Armstrong's Darkest Powers and Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy wouldn't appeal (Well, VA might since the romance angle is played up more).

    I just won a copy of The Secret Year by Jennifer Hubbard, but I haven't read it yet, so I'm not sure if it falls into what they'd like. Worth a shot though.

    I'll think on this more and if I come up with a brilliant answer, I'll come back and share :)

  2. Thanks Seleste, it's actually harder to find YA "romance novels" than I thought... maybe I'll have better luck finding adult romance novels that play up a first love? I dunnoooooooooooooooo

  3. Have they tried The Seventeenth Summer? I remember LOVING that book when I was younger. I also loved Rose in Bloom by LM Alcott, Into the Wind by Jean Ferris, Enchantment by Orson Scott Card, Nicola and the Viscount by Meg Cabot (I think), Catching the Rose (by me, heh)...

    I love young adult. I have so many books at home.

  4. Even though I have no suggestions, I'm feeling pretty good because that's how I've been writing mine. The romance is first and the action is second. It's all about the romance:D

  5. I haven't read them yet, but what about Fallen or Hush Hush? And honestly, that's the best I've got. I tend more toward the action/intrigue than the romance side of things. Sorry

  6. Good ones Belinda! And Catching the Rose will be at the top of my list now! ;)

    Tina, you are awesome. I wonder if there are more readers out there like my sisters? I don't know about the market trends and all that, but if I had to choose one book or the other, romance wins!

    Thanks again Seleste, you are so sweet to come back with more suggestions :) I haven't tried them with Fallen, and so far I haven't heard back from the littlest sister (she's borrowing Hush Hush)... thank again I really appreciate it! xoxo

  7. Sorry love, I can't think of any others that people havent said already. If I can, I'll come back =)


  8. Hey, I just read THE BODY FINDER, nice romance intertwined with the paranormal thing. Also, did you like the book I let your borrow THE SUMMER I TURNED PRETTY that was an excellent piece of young summer love mixed with a first crush. Hope those help.

  9. I just finished reading The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson and I think your sisters might enjoy it. The main character's voice is very appealing and funny and the first love is very part is very romantic, sweet and hot. It's heartbreaking since it deals with grief but it's not overwhelming and it does have it's light moments.

  10. Tina, the DUFF!!!! Oh the awesomeness!!! I haven't read The French Kiss... iz intrigued...

    Nat, you are too sweet for words :) Thanks for dropping in!

    Dana, I started The Summer I Turned Pretty, and it's GOOD, but I don't seem to be caught up in the story... I think I sense too much sadness about to happen with the mom, yipe :( I will definitely recommend to my sisters though. You never know...

    Mary, I haven't read The Sky Is Everywhere but I'm game to recommend it! Romantic, sweet, and hot are all the kinds of descriptors that get my sisters (and myself!) very interested!