Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The MOST Rhetorical Question Game!

Does anyone else get overwhelmed at the bookstore? I want to buy EVERYTHING, and my sweet and lovely ten dollar gift card won't accomplish that. I become frozen with indecision. I mean, OF COURSE I'll end up spending more than the ten bucks-- that's a given. But even then I find myself staring at a pile of books, totally unprepared to narrow it down to two books (okay, three. Three books MAX). The bookstore always wins when someone gives me a gift card. *sigh* What shoes are to other women, books are to me.

While at the bookstore on Monday (Twitter-friends, that was the day of the evil electric company overlord box that killed my AC), while at the bookstore I noticed something... rhetorical questions! They're a huge query no-no, but on book covers I think they must be okay. And while I was there (making fun of the questions, of course), I thought it would be fun to play a game: The MOST Rhetorical Question Game! Does anyone have a question that's the MOST rhetorical? Even better, can you ANSWER them?? (CAN they be answered?? See? I'm playing the game already!).

What is love?

When is love not enough?????????

What if everything you knew about love was a LIE???????!?!?!?!?!!!!!

(Game variation!)

Does anyone have a funny rhetorical question of their own? Here's mine:

What if you found out your boyfriend was a vampire zombie, who was torn about using his Gifts to slay his own kind for the good of the world? What if he was ALSO your brother????!?!?!?! WAIT?! WHAT IF HE WASN'T?

Before I go, I want to say thanks to everyone who commented/tweeted their suggestions for my sisters. We hung out on Saturday and it was awesome (almost unbelievable) that we talked books for so long. They both want to read The Duff (but my copy is in the hands of my friend-who-became-a-reader). One sister is reading Hush Hush and so far loves it! Anyway, it was great having lots of books to talk about with them, thanks blog friends!! Awww, *group hug*

Fyi this post was typed up from my phone (when is it not?? Rhetorical question again, ahhh!!!!) Sorry as usual for typos/clumsiness! Now let's see those rhetorical questions!! xo, Di
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  1. What if I've been so trained to stay away from rhetorical questions that I can't come up with one?

  2. LOL. Love those rhetorical questions. I can't think of anything good at the moment.

  3. Wow Tina. I think yours wins. Thinking about your rhetorical question is like thinking of infinity.

    Thanks Angie, I had a little too much fun writing the vampire boyfriend one *grin* I'm going to help you out, since I think--sadly-- I'm becoming an expert rhetorical question asker: "What if I LOLed? Could I love those rhetorical questions? I can't think of anything good at the moment... or CAN I???!?!?!"

  4. What if I can't think of a good rhetorical question right at this moment? Will I be able to think of one later? Will it be a REAL rhetorical question? Or *gasp* what if it isn't?!?!?!?!?

  5. Lmfao. Ahhhh I love your blog posts, love.

  6. What if we took this game onto Twitter and played it for days just because we've had too much Mountain Dew?

  7. What if there are too many what ifs?


    Boooooooo me! Maybe I was on facation, in which case I hope you will forgive me! Please? *kitty eyes*

  8. also, OMG I am in your sidebar as an official person?! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 you made my day.