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The video where I talk about the release of Timespell 2, the Timespell series, and act silly in a pirate hat! Yarrr, mateys!

The video where I went with hostel buddies to an all night karaoke bar in Tokyo and had all the awesome fun there was to be had!

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The Video Blog When I Had ALL THE FEELS About Timespell's Release Day:

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The Video Blog Where I Danced On the Internet:

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The Video Blog When I Announced My Book Sale:


The first time I ever held my book in my hands! I'll never forget how happy that moment was. 

When I died my hair pink ombre. YES I still keep it up! I loves the pink! :D

Me wearing Lolita stuffs! It's so fun!

My first author talk, at my Alma Mater Verdugo Hills High School. Go Dons!