Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Just a Mention, an Actual Post... Shooting Stars Contest is Live!

CLANG CLANG BOOM! CLANG CLANG BOOM! That's the sound of the one-woman-band outfit I'm wearing, complete with cymbals on the knees and honkey-horns under my flip-flops. My toenails have sparkly shooting stars on them and everything!

Hopefully you got the hint, because you're a follower on the Shooting Stars blog, of course. You're not? Hop on over! Or read this first and I bet you will be by the time you're done :)

*Cue fanfare*

a blog by two incredible and 
absolutely lovely sisters
named Bethany Wiggins
and Suzette Saxton
who are both awesome 
(I overuse awesome but in this case 
it is extreeeeeemely warranted),
is having
Suzette and Bethany's 
Wicked-Awesome-Prizes Contest!!!!!!!
(I also abuse exclamation points. Again,
warranted in their awesome case.)

Prizes include: 
2 query critiques, 
2 first-five critiques, 
and an inscribed/autographed The Dark Divine (as in, personalized just for you-- squee!!)

No, there are no bonus points for being enthusiastic, but I have a special place in my heart for these two. They followed my blog early-on, back in the days when I was surprised to see a comment at all. I've seen Suzette's posts on Querytracker since before I ever dreamed of starting a blog of my own. I watched first Bethany and then Suzette accept offers of representation from amazing agents, and I can't wait to see the exciting things waiting for them on the horizon. Actually, I can't wait to see posts about their first sales, and release dates, and doing their Book Talks... does my genuine affection show? These gals are top-notch and I'm not afraid to let it show. Definitely check out their blog, you'll adore them. Now I'm going to clang off to find loads of ways to rack up the entry points! Here's the link again, good luck everyone!


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  3. Diana, your post brought tears to my eyes. The friends I have made blogging are amazing. If I never get published, I will always look at writing as one of the biggest successes in my life because of the people who I have met along the way, the people who have brightened my life.

    Thank you, Diana.

  4. I meant every word. And I love your contest. What a wonderful reason to blog about two people I admire and count as friends. Thank you for all the happiness you always bring me, I'm glad I bring you a little too :)

    I need to figure out the email widget, Suzette. I'm getting semi-good at this blogging thing so it'll be up quick I bet ;)

  5. Okay... um, that was SO much better (embarrassingly better) than my "actual post". That was a joy to read Diana! Suzette is right about being so lucky to have you for a friend! ;-)

  6. Wow. I just added the Dark Divine to my shopping cart. I might just have to mosey over and try to enter this contest a million times. :)

    I love that they're sisters and have different agents--for some reason it's inspiring--like lightning striking twice--only less burnt flesh and smoky remains.

    Actually, as an aside, the husband's grandmother was struck by lightning three times in her lifetime. Weird, huh?

  7. Well, I hope you win, Diana, because you certainly deserve it after this post!

  8. I'm heading on over to sign up. A huge thank you for sharing this. And I don't know how I've missed this blog before. Sounds like a cool place to check out:)

  9. Dangitall, spotted a typo in my previous comments. In the interest of integrity I'm reposting the corrected version here:

    Oh Diana - first I laughed, and then I cried. This post seriously is the funniest and nicest thing I have EVER read in my life. I am so very lucky to count you among my friends!

    P.S. Can I hire you for my publicist? You ROCK!

    P.P.S. Have you ever considered getting a "subscribe by email" widget? I would dearly love to find your blog posts in my inbox!

  10. Oh yay, I've just subscribed to your blog by email!