Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Giveaway Winner Announcement (finally)!

I hope everyone had fun entering the Maze Runner Giveaway. I loved all the made-up words and poems and other creative entries. You guys are so awesome!

Last night I used my best matharmatics and tallied up all the splendiocious entries. This morning I put them all on slips of paper... and it wasn't until about halfway through writing all the names that I realized I didn't HAVE to put everyones FULL name down on the slips of paper (hello!!!). It's not like the Giveaway Police are going to come gallapaloozaCruisin around, full of snarkiliciousness (you know how those Giveaway Police are), saying, "Holy shnikey, this is an outrage! The name on the slip should read 'Emily,' not 'Em.' You'll have to start over." Anyway, I have to admit I'm glad the giveaway is finally over. I need to watch a good grawflik and have some cococroissants.

Sesquipedalian might be pulling her hair out... anyway, enough of my yapping. There's a winner to announce!!

Congratulations Girl with One Eye

Interestingly, Laura actually had the most entries with ten total, including her extra bonus for being the one with the most entries. Girl with One Eye was up there too, with seven entries, and I drew her name, (actually, I just drew the letter "G" because I had figured it out by then) and I am so excited to send out The Maze Runner!

Thanks again for playing along, or joining in the comment fun, or for just lurking. I hope you had fun, and I really hope Girl with One Eye puts up a review for The Maze Runner... it'll be fun to see if she likes it as much as I did :)


  1. YEAH!!! Dude, I'm like on a winning streak here. This is the third book i have won in the last three weeks.

    I think I hear Wendy in the back ground screaming "this is rigged!"

    Soooo cool. I will most definitely do a book review on my blog.

  2. Congratulations Girl! :) I assume i'm 'em' - awww!

  3. Congratulations, I completely missed your funtastic giveaway with my wrong idea of midnight, my midnight of course it not everyone's in the whole globalphere now is it, lol

    A fun giveway, well done

  4. Nah, I ducked out of the contest, GwOE--partly because I'd already planned on buying the book, which I did. Also, the math would have been a nightmare. Diana and I share a brain, and it ain't so good with math. I had to loan it to her just for this whole counting thing.

  5. Speaking of a brain share, I typed a homophone today in Scorched, Di, and got called on it by Word. Guess which one? Whole/hole. I was appalled.

  6. Congrats! What a fun contest :)

  7. Your post is hilarious! Congrats to the one-eyed-pirate or whatev! Happy TG.

  8. I just wanted to stop by to say...A Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!!! :) :)

  9. ...and that I am thankful for your friendship!!! :)