Monday, November 23, 2009

Book Giveaway and Flashy Fiction

Before anything else, don't forget to enter The Coaster's First Book Giveaway if you haven't already!

In other news, I flashed today. That's right, flash fiction!



“You know, they invented a word for guys like him.”

“Yeah, a few words,” Carmy said. 'Hot,' 'chiseled,' even 'dreamy' came to mind. It showed how good a guy looked if she was using kitschy words like dreamy. She exhaled long and slow before biting the rubber mouthpiece of her snorkel.

“And I don’t like the way he’s looking at you.”

This was enough to bring her focus back to Justin. She yanked out the snorkel. “Since when do you care the way a guy looks at me? All you and Ricky care about is football practice and playing Madden.”

“Since… never. It isn’t you, I just hate when guys look at girls like that. In general.” Justin glanced at her as he swished spit and ocean water around in his snorkel mask.

Was there something wrong with the plastic lens of her mask? A wave lapped up, gentle as it poured over her legs, and for a second she thought she read something in his dark, spike-lashed gaze.

“Hello,” a voice said.

Carmy blinked up. Mr. Dreamy was standing right beside her, casting a shadow over Justin.

“Hey,” she said. Rock-hard body alert! Water droplets clung to the guy, each one an invitation to keep staring.

“I am Miguel,” he said, offering his hand.

Carmy took it and stood. “I’m Carmy,” she said. Stop staring, she told herself. And lifting her mask might be good. She smiled big. “It’s Carmen, actually.”

Justin stood up, too. “Come on, Carmy,” he said. “Your parents are waving us over.”

“No they aren’t--”

“Who is this?” Miguel asked.

Carmy unclenched her teeth. “My parents let me and my brother each bring a friend for vacay.” She glared at Justin and added, “This is just Justin. And he was just leaving.”

“I’m not going anywhere.”

“What’s that supposed to--”

But he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her up so close she lost her breath. His lips were close enough to hers that she felt his breath as he asked, “What do you think it means?”

I have the kids home all week long, so forgive any frazzled posts. Happy Monday everyone! :)


  1. Whoo Hoo, I definitely think you should keep "flashing!" That was fun!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Thanks Mary Anne :) Have a Happy Thanksgiving too!

  3. Nice flash, Diana! Do it again! :)

    You and Wendy make it sound so tempting. I may have to give it a spin some time.

    Oh, and you also make the Unplug week sound very alluring, too.

  4. Yes, unplug week was great as always! Thanks for plugging it (haha, no pun intended). And nice flash! I love flash fiction. It's sooo very fun.

  5. Wendy- Thanks... I've been lurking on there long enough.

    Sesquip- Thank you, it was scary. You know how the internet is forever, ha! But you know how everyone who flashes says, "Oh, you should totally do it! It's so fun!" They're right!

    B.J.- I am SO happy I found your blog and learned about unplug week. I am a loyal unplugger now! And thanks for checking out my flash :)

  6. Ooh Diana - loved your flashy fiction - I want more.

  7. Nice flashing! And ditto about the kids home all week. Warning... frazzle ahead. Thanks for keeping it real, Di. You're awesome.

  8. Liza- Thanks, it's surprising how scary-yet-fun it felt :)

    Shelli- Me too. It was fun finally posting something :)

    Mary- you make me giggle. It does have me thinking about a trip to the ocean :)

    Bethany- Thank you for the flashy kudos. And my goodness, I hope you're holding up with the kids home all week. Today was a bit of a struggle, and I am so grateful for teachers at times like these... I want to get my kids' teachers REALLY nice presents now!

  9. Excellent flash! I may check this site out! your a great source of info!!