Thursday, October 1, 2009

Reasons to Celebrate!

Tons of happy things to post about today! First of all, thank you to the awesome gapyeargirl at The Book Bundle for this Super Comments Award! I'm tickled, and if you haven't checked out The Book Bundle lately, they have an all new, super fun look. 

I pass this along to the cool people who comment here on the Coaster, and to anyone else who wants this award (or who I forgot to add!!) just toss in a comment today and it's yours :) I release you from any link-posting responsibilities, just accept with my thanks for being a "super commenter!"

Some of The Super Commenters On My Blog:

In other news, I got another twenty pages written in my wip, and considering I'm ear-deep in scout paperwork for the now infamous campout, I think that's something to celebrate. Another thing that makes me happy, today is the first day of October and all three of my kids are October babies (don't ask me how that happened... I Do.Not.Know.) 

Lastly, if you're into contests/giveaways you'll be happy to hear that The Book Bundle has one for a book called VampyreLiterary Girls have one (that ends today!) for a book called The Maze Runner, and Tales of Whimsy has one for a book I really want called You Had Me At Halo. I'm sure there are loads more, but those are some I ran across this week :) 

What about you? Maybe good vibes beget good things, so share anything exciting that happened or even something unexciting that just made you smile. Let's hear it :)


  1. Aww thanks for the award! =]

    This is going to sound SOO lame, but I FINISHED ALL OF MY HOMEWORK FOR THE WHOLE WEEKEND!!!!!!!


    I'm hoping to spend the rest of the weekend watching movies, reading and of course, WRITING!

  2. Hi Natalie! You do NOT sound lame! Do you notice what I celebrate?? Finishing scout paperwork and a couple of chapters of writing! Ha!! But why not, right? We may as well find our happinesses in small places and big :)

    Fantastic job on finishing your homework early. Now you REALLY get to celebrate!

  3. wow congrats on the WIP, thats gread progress and thank you for the award!! So Sweet *hugs*

  4. Thank you! Happy birthday to your kiddos. I have two born in October. One today in fact. I met the author of The Maze Runner at a conference last week. I'm so going to enter their contest!

  5. Oh, wait. That contest ended yesterday. Oops. You won though! That rocks!

  6. Hi Emily, thanks for the hugs :) :)

  7. Hi Angie, thanks for the birthday wishes to my kids, and happy birthday to yours too!!

    Wow, I won the contest! Oh boy, this is news to me!!! I'm heading over to Literary Girls now!!

  8. Hi Diana - I sent you an e-mail that you won haven't heard from you want to get the book out to you soon. Did my e-mail requesting your address reach you?

    Also I was reading you comments on the last post. My eldest is 8 too - but he is a boy and I have a 1 year old almost two now. He is into everything. I also have a five year old - ALL BOYS *yikes* Love my boys.

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  10. Hi Diana - one last thing - where did you get this template for your blog. I want to be able to put things on both sides of mine.

  11. Oh! Good lord Diana! I get an award from you??? Because I came over here to say... COME OVER TO MY BLOG RIGHT NOW, BECAUSE YOU'VE GOT YOURSELF AN AWARD WAITING FOR YOU THERE!!!! :)))))

    Thank youuuu....and I hope you love your award!!! :)))))

  12. Thanks for the award and hugs. I hope you're having a good weekend.

    I'm with Mary. I'm wondering how you can put things on both sides of your blog too.

  13. Thank you!!! My good news? I got an award from you. I also had a fantastic week end of fishing, soaking in hot mineral pools, and playing Scrabble. Who could ask for anything more?

  14. Hi! I'm back from a weekend in the Great Outdoors :)

    Mary-- I straightened out my inbox and found your email. I can't wait to read The Maze Runner; I keep hearing good things about it :) Also, I see from your new blog that you figured out the three column thing. If anyone wants to know, I followed the steps on The Cutest Blog on the Block (I will find the link later if I can!)

    C-- Awww thanks! I will head over to your blog and get my award asap :)

    Wendy-- I did have a good weekend. Surprisingly, but I think once a year will be enough for me :)

    Bethany-- Wow, it sounds like you had a fine time this weekend! I've never been fishing but mineral pools and Scrabble are right up my alley. :)