Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesdays I Rant. Unless I Have Nothing to Rant About

It may or may not be glaringly apparent, but I try to keep things positive over here on the Coaster. I love snarky, biting blogs but there are plenty out there, and I get my dark fulfillment nodding in agreement as I read through the rants of others, thinking This blog is so great! It's funny because it's true! Har har har!!!!

As for me, I'm that person who tries to turn everything into a win-win situation. Ah yes, you know the type. There's always a bright side...there's always a way to turn a negative into a positive. In short, irritating. It takes a special kind of person to be friends with me. 

But we all have our grouchy, craggy-faced moments. My peak in bellyaching came when we welcomed baby number three into our happy home. Things got so hectic, and I had no time to read books, much less write, and everything was a blur of diapers and bottles and horrible, horrible laundry-- I had the green-eyed look of the Hulk a little more often than I'm proud of. Thankfully I have a good husband who realized what was happening. He sent me to Barnes & Nobles and even allocated "mommy time"; he was a man with a big plan and even bigger dreams of getting his sunshiny wife back, and as you might have figured out, it worked!

We all have those crusty days (or weeks) when moans and groans make us feel better, and on the flip side, I bet even the crankiest, most sourheaded griper on your favorite blog or forum has an uplifting moment from time to time. Okay, maybe you've never actually seen it, but it's certainly possible!

The point is, this blog is not a rant-free zone. In fact, I set Wednesdays aside as my official "rant" day. But I figure if I don't have anything to rant about that's okay too. So in conclusion, if I have something bugging me I get to rant on Wednesdays (yay!), and if I have nothing to rant about I can blog endlessly about whatever comes into my head (yay!). See? A win-win situation :)


  1. aw i rant so much its not funny. your husband sounds wonderful . . and smart!!

  2. The "Har har har" had me laughing out loud. And I agree, sometimes people rant way too much. I try to keep my rants to school stuff or the occasional writing woe but even then I think I do it too much. I'm going to try and cut back!

  3. Hi Emily, thanks for stopping by! You do NOT rant that much, you rant exactly the right amount :)

    And you're right about my husband. I just love him to pieces *g*

  4. Hi Natalie, thanks for taking the time to comment :) I love your blog, it brings me right back to my college days, and you definitely don't rant too much!! School rants are a thousand percent ok in my book, and everyone who writes succumbs to a writing rant every now and then. It can't all be lollipops and rainbows, right?

    Keep up the great blog and thanks again :)

  5. Just stopping by to say that....I stopped by...haha! And, this post made me laugh! :)

  6. oohh...thank you for following me on google!! :) So sweet of you!! :)

  7. It's my pleasure C, I'm enjoying your blog very much :)

  8. You're quite welcome! I've only read a few of your posts so far but I'm already hooked!!

    Aww thanks! And it's a good thing no one seems to mind my school rants because I have a feeling those won't be going away any time soon!