Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Reasons to Celebrate: Do You Have Any?

It's my weekly warm and fuzzies! Sometimes it'll be harder than others, but in the span of a week there's bound to be something good that happened in our book/writing adventures. And if not, we can always build on the positivity of the people around us, so don't forget to share your happy news too!

Two writing-type things I have to smile about this week: First, thirty-two followers, thanks guys :) :)  and second and most exciting (for me at least), I finished plotting and started writing, and I'm fifty pages into my third novel! Don't be too impressed by the fast word count, it's crazy-rough but when I feel the flow I let it carry me... next week who knows, right?

Thanks to those who shared their great news last week! I'm excited to report that Danni's interview with Christine Feehan (one of her all-time favorite authors) was fabulous at Romantic Harbor... read it HERE. I'm also happy to share Alison's fantastic interview with Jocelynn Drake at The Book Bundle... read that one HERE. I do live vicariously through the joys of others so if you have any good/happy/wonderful news let's hear it! 

Before I go I'll share a tidbit about me that will likely come as no surprise to anyone. I like playing writing games (writing "exercises" on my fancy days). Most of the time I make them up while driving the kids to karate or if I have to do the Terrible Ironing (I may someday blog about the Terrible Ironing but this is supposed to be a POSITIVE blog). The Literary Girls have a fun writing game ("exercise") and you can check it out HERE if you're weird like me. Below you'll find the game-type way I started today's blog, mostly thanks to an Orbitz commercial that came on when I was adding the links (what IS that actor's name again??). I put it at the end because I figure most people will have stopped reading by now and it's very corny, but it's all about having fun! 

Blogger's Log: Day 24

Things seem to be going well since beginning my voyage into cyberspace. I've amassed a crew of thirty-two followers, many of whom are willing to communicate. I also follow others on their journeys and am gaining much insight into strange new worlds. Some of these fellow explorers have banded together in a sort of community and I believe I have been accepted into their society. Others have offered me ritualistic awards with tasks to complete and I must admit I find these customs gratifying. It seems my initial concerns over being hunted by cyber-trolls may be unwarranted. Time will tell and I will remain vigilant. 


  1. aw i needed this positivity - i'm all yuck from a cold and such so this is nice and uplifting :)

  2. Aww... I'm celebrating that I not only found your blog but found it linked to mine. You're so nice. Thank you for all your comments in my blog.

    Fifty pages into a new book is definitely something to celebrate... even if it is crazy rough. I have a motto: "Everything will work out in the rewrite." I've tried to apply it to my life wherever possible, but it's rare to get a rewrite in life.

  3. Hey thanks for the plug Diana. I'm enjoying your blog alot.

  4. Hi everyone! Thanks for coming over :)

    Emily- I hope you feel better soon and I'm happy to have brought you a little cheer :)

    Wendy- YOU are so nice! And of course I linked your blog, it's fabulous!! Thanks for the kudos on my pages. I love your motto btw.

    Mary- The plug is very warranted, I hope people visit with you gals :)\

  5. OH!!! Do not worry about the trolls!!!! As long as you have enough faeries with pixie dust flying around with you...not even trolls can stand up to something like pixie dust! :)

  6. Hi C LOL, you always bring a smile with you. It's funny you mention faeries and pixie dust because I happen to have some handy!

  7. Natalie, thanks for stopping by, it's always lovely to see you :) And I'm glad you got a kick out of my Blogger's Log, that's what comes from blogging at five a.m. I pretty much write these blogs with no expectation that anyone ever gets to the end anyway, haha :)

  8. Huh, you know, I swore I responded to you earlier... Weird. Let's try this again.

    Aww you're such a sweetheart =] I already love coming here!