Saturday, September 26, 2009

Book Talk: Give up the Ghost by Megan Crewe

I look forward to my book talks here on the Coaster. In my face-to-face reality it's not as fun talking books because, a) I only have one friend who reads (and I don't even have to quantify that because it's not an exaggeration), b) no one,
and I mean no one in my family or extended family reads either, which leads to, c) if I fall completely in love with a book or author and need to share, the people around me look at me with huge, Precious Moments eyes and say, "Please don't start talking books, Diana." 

But that's a topic for another day. Today I'm excited because I get to share a truly outstanding book! Give up the Ghost by Megan Crewe is a debut novel but the crazy thing is I didn't know it was Ms. Crewe's first book when I read it. After I Googled her up to find links for this Book Talk I was stunned because she writes like someone who should have a backlist a mile long. The dialogue is so natural I could hear it, the characters were so real I felt like I knew them... even the dead people!

Should I do the disclaimer thing each time I do a Book Talk? Okay, in case you haven't read one of my talks before, I'm not so much interested in "reviewing" and giving this-many-stars and summarizing the plot...I just love talking books :)

So what I loved most about Give up the Ghost is the way you fall right into the story and instantly feel like part of Cass' life... like we'd been there since forever. There's no spoiler in revealing how the story starts with Cass chit-chatting with her dead big sis, who has great fashion advice btw, and the best is I didn't feel bogged down by some terrifying, frosty-breathed "I see dead people" reveal. Seeing dead people is awesome! 

Give up the Ghost has such an original take on the ghost-seeing storyline that from the first page it felt like I'd found a new spot in my brain to explore. It is a fast read, I couldn't believe how sadly fast I was getting through the story because I wanted it to last. And it didn't even have a huge romance (usually a prerequisite for me loving a book) but I didn't care! I just hope this isn't the only story we get to read about Cass and her ghostly powers.

The last thing I'll say about Give up the Ghost is that Ms. Crewe did a great job with balancing all the facets of Cass' character, because obviously she's grieving and that's part of her life, but she has to deal with high school drama and her parents AND the dead people (one being a sister who you can't exactly complain to Mom and Dad about), but even when all of that brings out her more sarcastic side, I always liked her. She's interesting and funny and one of those characters I forget is not a person in real life.

Edited to add:
I struggled with how to end this post. A big part of me wants to say, "Read this everyone!! You will a thousand per cent LOVE IT I PROMISE YOU GAAHHHH" but really, reading is so personal I find that a hard statement to make. Thanks to an early comment by Imogen over at Write About What? I got the idea to say this: if you're interested, take approximately three minutes out of your day and go to Amazon with this link HERE and read the first few pages. If you like what you see you will love the rest :)


  1. sounds really good :) is this a must read then??

  2. Imogen, hi! Thanks for coming over :)

    It IS really good, so good that when I finished blogging this morning I sat at "Preview Post" for at least four straight minutes debating the very question you pose. Normally I hate saying a book is a must read because everyone's tastes are so unique, but this is an excellent story. I highly recommend going to and checking out the first few pages...if you like it you will love the rest :)

  3. Thanks for the recommendation. Sounds yummy. I'm not a big paranormal fan, but I like it when it relates to reality on a metaphorical level. Sounds like this does.

    I'm sad to read you only have one friend who reads. I find that fewer and fewer of my friends read novels these days, too. They'll watch reality TV all night, and say they have no time for books. Then I dread their phone calls because they have nothing to talk about except last night's Dancing With the Biggest Loser, or whatever.

    Hey, people: you used to be smart! Books are better--and they don't make you look/feel fat like TV.

    Sorry. I guess I had a rant that had to come out.

  4. Hi Anne! The book was absolutely delicious :)

    Your people-who-don't-read mini rant was funny. Back when I used to try to convince people to read I felt like some kind of book-pusher or something, "Try this man, it'll make you feel real good." That's how a lot of my books went missing from my bookcase!

  5. Thank you, always, for your comments on my writings, which are always appreciated. We have been devastated over here by the fury of typhoon Ondoy. Our flood gates on the cliff where we live were broken by the marikina river below, and we have to sit and wait now for a new typhoon set to hit in 2-3 days. All the people on the other side of the river, they are just all gone right now...its just too devastating...

    About your post...guess what D...I don't read, either! HA! AND! I have huge precious moments eyes (always) I don't know what you'd make of that... :)

  6. Hi C, I am very sorry to hear that you are affected by the typhoons going on. Some of my daughter's friends have family in the Philippines and it is definitely on our minds. Take care, especially in the next few days :)

    It's my pleasure commenting on your writing; your blog is very unique and adds variety to my blog-reading. Thanks for your thoughtful posts :)

    Why doesn't it surprise me at all that you have huge Precious Moments eyes? Ha! As for reading, I did remember that you don't read and I thought about you when I read Nathan Bransford's blog the other day regarding writers who don't read. You might have figured out by now that I'm desperately in love with reading, but everyone's welcome here on the Coaster! I just hope you can stomach my shameless book-adoration!

  7. Great review. I really want to read this one.