Wednesday, November 9, 2016

#Calexit: An Open Email from California to a Trump-Ruled America

"Dear America, 

Hi, I hope you're doing well after the latest presidential election - we've been through a lot of them together and I know they're never easy. <3

So, I know on Twitter and Facebook and wherever, you've been hearing stuff about #Calexit. I'm emailing because I figured it would be best if you heard things from me, instead of talking with friends behind your back. Especially after all we've been through.

When you first came out west, all conquering and stuff, I have to admit I was completely swooning over you. Yes, maybe I was a little young and impressionable, but what you and I shared was REAL. I fell madly in love with your passion and insatiable thirst for adventure. Other countries vied for my attention, but you and I seemed MADE for each other. And okay, you made some mistakes along the way - we all have! But even with all that bluster and bravado, you were such an idealist... you showed me how to fly, you made impossible dreams come true for the poorest and most huddled masses, and you even took me to the moon! How could I not love you? 

During those early years, before we really knew each other, I made a commitment to you. I chose to be one of your states, and I mean, there were others states that you loved, but I didn't question your motives. We could all live happily together, you promised it - and for a while, it really worked. I won't deny that. But... 

(oh man, here comes the hard part... please don't hate me!!)

*heartfelt sigh*

America, now that I've grown up a little and now that I have my own things going on... I just don't feel the same about us anymore. I've made so much of my own life here - like, Hollywood and the movie industry - it's insane! And there's Disney and Blizzard, and tons of awesome stuff happening in Silicone Valley - plus I manage a bucket-load of agriculture. Dairy and fruit and best of all... wineries! 

I mean, I'm not saying I didn't need you while I was figuring life out, but little by little I've amassed the 6th largest economy in the world. And I know that in a lot of ways, we did so many of these things together... but... I feel ready. I feel like, it's okay to own my accomplishments. It's okay to want to spread my own wings.

This email is getting soooo long and I should just come out and say it. 

Okay. Here goes. 

America, you were a wonderful first love and I'll always remember our crazy, heady first few centuries... but I've been looking at other countries who've had a few millennia under their belts, and I guess, the older I get the more I realize that it takes more than a century or two to really know a country. 

Gahhhhh! This is ridiculously hard! A part of me feels like it's pretty obvious you're going to blame this on the presidential election, and I won't deny that the elections did crystallize these these things for me, but it's kind of a wake up call. How many other MAJOR votes throughout the years - even obvious "this is about humans having regular rights" kind of thing - have gone against the judgment of Cali peeps? And yet, we all have to obey because, so many of your other states voted for a candidate or a law that just doesn't jive with me and my voters' mindset at ALL. 

As the years go by, America's decisions have become more and more uncool in the eyes of many Californians. You keep telling me how awesome you are, and how lucky I am to have you, but that isn't what I'm seeing!

To be as transparent as possible... okayyyyy fine, I will admit that a few of your other states have been getting on my nerves lately - I'm sure the feeling is mutual! But if you step back a little, don't you think I've been drifting away from the other states for a while now, too? Not all of them, but so many of them that it's become a little awkward on Facebook and other places we hang out. 

What used to be "our" map is feeling more and more like "their" map, and maybe that's not wrong. Maybe we've just grown apart. Can that be okay?

I don't even know what you're going to think about all of this. Please don't be that person who doesn't let the other person go. I just need some "me" time right now. And please know that I will always hold a special place in my heart for you. I'm not saying it's "over" or whatever, but I need a break. I need to find out if I'm happier on my own, and I hope you can respect that. 

To sum up, please just let me have some space. I'll let you know how I'm feeling about us in... 4 years or so. Ugh, I know that happens to be the time of the next presidential election, but I told you that THIS election crystallized things for me. I'm not saying it's the only factor but, how can the elections not have an impact? This president is the person that a LOT of your other states have chosen - which means, we are so completely different that I don't even know who they are anymore... doesn't it make sense that I need a little time without them? And... without you?

*hugs* I do still think you're the most amazing country on Earth, but... maybe humility and an ego-check is a good thing? Just... don't always believe you're as cool as you think you are.

Let's stay friends, okay?