Tuesday, December 1, 2015

*New Release!!* A CHRISTMAS TREASURE Historical Romance!

Childhood companions turned youthful sweethearts… estranged lovers and rekindled love… can Jonathan lead Rebecca to the greatest Christmas treasure of all?
I've been working on a super secret project, and it's ready just in time for Christmas! A CHRISTMAS TREASURE is a sweet Christmas romance novella set in Victorian England, staring a sassy, unconventional leading lady and her adventurous, sea-faring hero. I adore Christmas stories so much, and A CHRISTMAS TREASURE has mistletoe and sleigh rides, caroling and a Christmas ball--everything I love when I want to snuggle in for a romantic, wintry treat!

I hope you pick up this second-chance-at-first love Christmas story, and enjoy reading Jonathan and Rebecca's snowy romance as much as I enjoyed writing it! Read more about the novella below, or CLICK HERE TO FIND IT ON AMAZON!

A Christmas Treasure by Diana Paz

Jonathan Derring knows when a risk is well worth taking. When his ship, the Daring Admirer pulls into port, his mind is on the treasure the captain had said had been found—but Jonathan had never expected the treasure to be his first love, Rebecca Lankershim.

A second chance at love…

Raised under the shadow of her loathsome father’s domination, Rebecca Lankershim had seized the opportunity to flee to the Caribbean three years ago, taking with her a copy of the ancient pirate map she and Jonathan had found amongst his grandfather’s things. After years of searching, the mysterious fortune comes into her possession, and she sets sail on the first ship returning to England to establish control of her newfound riches. Certainly, she knew her voyage home might lead her to cross paths with Jonathan, but she had gained her independence and a clear vision for her future. Nothing would stand in the way of the freedom she sought, not even green eyes that burned with desire and a bold, passionate spirit that matched her own.

Jonathan knows it would take a Christmas miracle to breach the protective walls Rebecca’s built around her heart. After her aunt insists she attend the festivities Jonathan’s sister has planned, the Christmas season burns bright with caroling parties and sleigh rides, a sumptuous feast and a Christmas dance, and through it all, the lovely Rebecca shines like the north star, but Jonathan knows better than anyone that behind her façade of easy charm and sweet smiles, a wounded heart longs to be healed. 

...and as always, thank you for reading!