Friday, July 3, 2015

Update! And Writerly Musings on Timespell 2 Edits

Created by the amazing and wonderful Amalia Dillin. <3
Edits are going steadily along as beta reader feedback comes in, and now I'm three chapters away from the end! The epilogue is going to be the kicker, since I feel strongly that it should be re-written from another POV. So I shall have to do it. Aside from the excitement of being so nearly DONE finally, last night reading through my work, I felt... a sudden spike of passion?  I don't know what it was. I mean, I rediscovered something vital, which is that I really love this book. Strange to put into words, but maybe other writers can relate. Sometimes I get so close to a book I'm working on, I forget that as frustrating as it is to bring a story to life, I deeply love my stories and my characters. It's an incredible thrill to read scenes I've forgotten I've written and feel the power behind the creation of a world that seems to exist apart from me, even though it came from me. Writing is awesome stuff. And also terrifying. It feels so much safer to embrace the frustrating aspect of writing, because loving my book this much and sharing it with others when they might not love it at all is one of the scariest parts of being a writer.

But! I'm handling the day job and break time is over. After work, I'm going to edit Timespell 2 for an hour, but goodness I wish I could do it right this very second.