Friday, April 10, 2015

Ocean Under Stars

I found this bit of micro-fiction while looking through an old online journal. I had forgotten my blog was named for it.

~ ~ ~
Two forces of beauty and power.
Silent, they regard each other.

At last, one speaks.

"I am important. Each night I become a blanket of the deepest blue. People study me, are inspired to art and poetry and music and love because of me. I am breathtaking. Cold and unfeeling. A mystery. I am deadly, for people journey across me and through me with great mechanisms, protecting their frail bodies from my harsh, lightless world and still I claim them as my own. And I am needed, for without me, they would die."

The other says:

"You? I am more important than you. Each night people stare at me with wonder. They spend their lives learning about me, exploring me, studying me and still they've learned but a fraction of my mysteries. Deadly, you? People embark on great vessels, they cover themselves in suits and still I rob them of breath as they slip within my silent world. And I am needed, for without me, they would die."

Unbeknownst to these two forces, a person had been listening. After much thought the person states, "You are both the same."

"The same? Us!" They cry in unison.

"I am water!"

"I am air!"

The person watches the endless blue, with starlight sprinkled across one surface and reflected across the other. "Both of you long to be admired, long to be needed, because I make it so. Because I give you this life. I choose to see your beauty. I choose to revel in your power. It's true that you can be deadly to me, and that without you I would die, but without me and others like me, you long for nothing. Without my kind, you are nameless. Voiceless. And yet you are greater than anything I could ever create. Where you meet is the horizon I can never reach. Sea and sky, and I want to watch you and the lives that move through you. I want to tell your stories."