Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Awkward and Fun at the RWA Literacy Signing 2012

Hello, friends! I share with you today my amazing night at the Romance Writers of America Literacy Signing last week. I couldn't have been more excited to meet some writer friends as well as favorite authors. And YES, I did squee, which I'm sure surprises no one, HOWEVER, when friends' agents stopped by for small-talk, I did manage to act relatively normal and NON-WEIRD (I hope!). Except for one awkward moment...

Awkward Moment of the Evening that Ended Rather Okay
A big time person at a major publishing house started talking to an author friend I happened to be talking to (and I knew she was big time because RWA has these nifty name badges everyone wears, with big bold titles like, "EXECUTIVE SUCH-AND-SUCH at GIGANTIC PUBLISHING HOUSE EVERYONE HAS HEARD OF", that way people like me know who to make way for). After my author friend kindly introduced me, I began looking for the moment I could shuffle quietly off without making it seem like I was leaving because she was there. That's when Big Time Publishing Person asked me if I had a book coming out--[aside] for some reason, I'm still in this strange place, mentally, that causes me to sound like I'm apologizing when I say I have a book coming out! I do NOT know how to beat this apologetic demon out of myself, but I'm going to do it, by gum! [end aside]-- after an embarrassed glance up at Big Time Publishing Executive, I told her I did: a Young Adult novel coming out in April. And lo and behold, she didn't gaze down at me as if I were a speck of dirt who dared to call myself a published author. She was gracious and benevolent, as Big Time Publishing Executives are wont to be. I loosened right up, and we chit chatted about random things like two normal people who have a common interest. Who knew?!

It was all HIGHLY dreamy. Anyway, come see who I got to meet!

Jeffe Kennedy, author of SAPPHIRE
Isn't she absolutely glamorous? I have
adored her on Twitter for the longest time,
and meeting her in person was amazing fun. We gabbed
about how fun and easy it is to buy ebooks now, and somehow
it led to the topic of how indulgent my husband is in my bookbuying
habits. The motto of the night became, Happy Wife, Happy Life!

Karen Hooper, Author of TANGLED TIDES
(and a fellow Rhemalda Publishing author!)
Karen is darling and I love her! Meeting her
felt like meeting a long-lost friend. I kept
going back to her table to chit-chat, and afterward
we went looking for a Starbucks to make the night
last longer--but somehow we wound up at the hotel bar with
probably half the authors at RWA! My favorite part
of the evening was spending this time together with her, 
talking books and publishing and feeling like I made a true friend.

Lauren Miller, author of REMEMBER ME
Laura was seated beside Karen, and is
an incredibly good sport. Lauren offered to take
a picture of Karen and I, but she couldn't figure
out how to get my camera to work for the life of her, and
somehow the moment escalated into peals of laughter
that left me holding my side with tears in my eyes. I simply had
to have a picture with this author, and I am so happy I met her!

Left: Kerry Schaffer, author of BETWEEN (available in 2013)
Right: Tiffany Reisz, author of THE SIREN
Kerry is a beautiful person in every sense
of the word. I followed her on Twitter when she
was known as Uppington and I was too afraid to tweet
anything. Little by little I grew to know her and I love her
dearly! It was a beautiful thing to meet her in person.
Tiffany is one of my heroes. I stumbled across her Twitter feed
and immediately knew I'd be a devoted fan. I've read everything
she's written now, and I'm proud to be appearing in a
charity anthology she's organizing (I'm writing under the pen name
Diana Cruze, due to the adult nature of the content). Tiffany is
a rare, amazing, genuine person who I am lucky to know.

I had so much fun, and met tons of other authors and online friends, including Tiffany's boyfriend, Andrew Shaffer (author of FIFTY SHAMES OF EARL GREY). Andrew is hilarious, which I already knew from his book and his Twitter feeds (yes, plural. He has two Twitter accounts because one could not contain his endless supply of 140-character wit). And I can't wrap this up without mentioning having met the lovely Natalie Bahm, Veronica Scott, Roni Loren, and so many people I'm forgetting to name, I'm sure! I loved this night so much, and I hope RWA returns to Southern California again soon.

This weekend I'll be heading to the Society of Book Writers and Illustrator's summer conference, and this time I'm attending the entire event, which means I'll be sure to do something ridiculous or embarrassing in front of someone influential and important! I'll be back with an update next week!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Bastille Day, and Contest WINNERS!!!

Today marks the 223rd anniversary of the storming of the Bastille- bonne fête de l'Indépendance! Check out this photo-article from the Baltimore Sun: Bastille Day's Traditional Military Parade

Having read varying accounts of this event and other instances leading up to the French Revolution, I have to admit, the day brings me mixed feelings. I wonder if I'm a bit of a royalist at heart-- or at least, I think I have sympathy for the royal family's tragic end. Le sad sigh.

Now for the CONTEST!

As promised, today I am also announcing contest winners for my epic giveaway celebrating the sale of my time travel young adult novel, TWISTS OF FATE, coincidentally set in part during the French Revolution. So, without further ado, the winners!!!

Congratulations to Leona Bushman, grand prize winner! She'll be receiving a Marie Antoinette journal, a DVD of the movie: Marie Antoinette, and her choice of book from the Rhemalda Publishing Bookshop! For those of you who have never been to her amazing blog, here is a linky! Publish or Bust: Leona Bushman's blog

 And we have a bonus winner! Thank you Monica Edwards for shouting out my contest and earning the most bonus points! She will also be receiving her choice of book from the Rhemalda Publishing book shop! Here is her fantastic blog link: Stepping Out On To A New Path; A Creative Journey: Monica Edwards' blog

Hooray to both winners!! I hope you enjoy your prizes. And to all entrants, thank you!! I believe I'm finally caught up with following you all back on Twitter and friending you on Facebook, but if I missed you just let me know! I love following awesome people. :)

<3 Di