Friday, May 18, 2012

A video blog in which I share some big news about my book!

UPDATE!!!!! I must edit this blog post because, I have received a video blog in RESPONSE to my video blog!! Tina Lynn Sandoval has posted a vblog of her victory dance, in honor of my big news, WHAT?!!! Do watch this amazingly spectacular video of awesome! Victory Dance for Diana Paz by Tina Lynn Sandoval. 


Hi everyone! I've been away for quite some time, which is not altogether unusual for me... sorry! Now that I'm back, I wanted to share some amazing news! About my book! This news is so amazing, mere exclamation point abuse and excessive capitalization are NOT ENOUGH!!! So, I did something I've never done before...


Gah!! Check out the oh-so-flattering image my webcam assigned as the cover for the video, ha! Am I about to whistle? Am I about to spit? It's a mystery...

In true novice form, I blogged on my bed, so every time I moved, the webcam bounced around and blurred up the video. Shaky-cam might have been a stylistic choice though, who's to say? Enjoy! Or giggle at my expense, I'm totally okay with that too!

Ta-dah! A video blog in which I share some big news about my book, TWISTS OF FATE.

Now I shall run around, squealing like crazy! Next week, when I've finished hyperventilating, I'll have a post up with more actual words. Have a great weekend!

And, I'm just repeating this because it bears repeating! Tina Lynn Sandoval is an amazing friend, critique partner, and all-around incredible human being. Do watch her video response to my big news! It's hilarious... and plus, the woman has MOVES! :D I love you too, Tina! Victory Dance for Diana Paz by Tina Lynn Sandoval.