Thursday, January 7, 2010

POV and the Potty... the Saga Reaches a Climax

POV determines the way readers experience the world an author created. It's soooo important a thing to get right. (If you missed the beginnings of the drama, you can catch up HERE). Thanks for all your input everyone, I'm so grateful about my blog especially at times  like this. I can't really hash out these issues with my husband (who doesn't read books) or my family and friends (if you had family and friends like mine you'd understand). Thank you, you guys make me happy and help me out, I hope I do the same for you from time to time. That's what blog-friends are for... hug time? Can I come in for a little blog hug? Aw shucks, a great big hug! ***HUGS***

Here are more updates!

The POV Saga
Thanks to all that hashing out, I'm feeling good again. I've thought it over, and I'm sticking with three POVs (the three friends story with one girl as central protagonist) and leaving the love interest's POV out of it. Maybe I can use him for book promo and free chapter giveaways on my website someday (sweet, sweet, fantasies... dreamy sighhh). For now, I came to a new realization. The chapters I'd written from his POV were for myself, and not beneficial to the story. I have to keep the best interest of the STORY in mind, and not write my own fan-fiction into my novel. Story is first. 

The Potty Training Saga
Last night after my other update, I got the kids ready for bed. All your support really helped believe it or not, especially because, like my writing, I've kept my attempt at potty training a relative secret from family and friends. This might seem weird, but I just don't like hearing constant questions and suggestions which feel like reminders of how poorly I'm doing and not like support. It helps to vent though, so thank you! But ANYWAY, back to the update. After I got the kids ready for bed, I asked my two-year-old if he'd like to sit on the potty like his brothers and sisters. Remember, this is day two of trying the "no pants at all" method. 

He sat.

On the potty.

And we waited.

And waited...

And he got up and started chanting, "We did it! We did it! Oh yeah, uh-huh!" (Don't ask. I was a cheerleader in a former life so maybe it's in his DNA).

The chanting was new. So I checked the potty. GREAT SCOTT!!!!!!! He peed in the potty!!! We danced, we cheered, and guess what? He had a dry night and peed again-- in the potty-- this morning!!! I'm not willing to call victory yet, and it seems quick but remember, we started with the potty in October so it has NOT been quick, BUT HE DID IT!!!!!

Okay, that was a lot of exclamation points, but I've managed to keep awesomeing down to a minimum, I think. I'm just so happy!!!!!

So that was my good news for the week. Oh, and getting Catching Fire delivered yesterday (squeee!!). Now I've gotta take the eight-year-old to school and maybe get a little reading time in. I hope you guys have good news to share, and thank you again so-very-much for your uplifting support and incredibly helpful advice and input. Have an awesome day everyone! (Oh crap, I am totally going to jinx myself with all this good news so early in the morning. Okay, ummmmm, even though I'm super-duper excited, and certain writing problems and potty issues are going in a positive direction, I know I have a whole book to finish and many potty accidents still ahead. I'm hoping things go decently well.) Have a decently awesome day everyone!


  1. Congrats on the POV decision and the potty training success. So cute that he would get up and dance.

  2. Oh and *hugs* to you. You're always super supportive and helpful.

  3. **Hugs back** You deserve it for all your hard work. And potty training is HARD WORK. Yay for deciding on your three POVS!

  4. Yay!!!! (In a moderate and unjinxing voice.)

    Today, I'm weeding through your Honor comments and my hardcopy rewrites. I have the feeling that I'll like your comments better than my comments. (I tend to say strange things that I often can't understand months later. Plus, it's dry. I should start "yay-ing" myself--it would be something to look forward to--but also very split personality.)

    Have a wonderful day. I hope you get some reading time in.

  5. Sounds like the great start to your day, Diana. I know how important Potty Chair victories can be. And I'm happy you've resolved your POV quandary, although I'm sorry to say I missed the first part of it since I've been scarce lately.

    I hope the rest of your day is better still!

  6. Great news x two! Here's cheers for the POV and your son's success on the big-boy potty!

    (I have no idea where the urge to rhyme came from!) :-)

  7. Victory!!! Sometimes there is nothing better than an exclamation point.

  8. You are having success all the way around! I know you are one proud Mom. That is one happy dance I will never forget- my daughter thought Mommy was looney!

  9. Hi Mary, thank you that felt great after the two accidents I've just cleaned up. Not that I'm complaining! And thanks especially for the hugs :)

    Catherine, thanks, I feel pooped (groan) from all this potty business. And thanks for the much-needed hugs!

    Good luck with Honor revisions, Wendy. And thank you for the moderate yay (!!)

    Hi Sesquip, so nice to see you! And yes, I'm happy all the way around... in a subdued manner that hopefully won't draw any bad mojo my way.

    Hahaha that rhyme was funny, thanks Shannon!

    Thanks Liza, I agree! (!)

    You know exactly what I mean Tamika, I couldn't stop jumping around!

  10. Yay for using the potty! That is an amazing feeling when they start to figure it out, isn't it. I remember the first time both of my older girls used the potty. I don't know who was more excited - me or them.

    And yay for settling on a POV for your book. Now go and relax for a while. You deserve it:)

  11. Are you procrastinating something too? It looks like you updated your blog. Hmmm.

  12. Oh yay! And I'm trying to potty-train my son right now, and it is the most frustrating thing I've ever experienced. Well, besides trying to figure out POV. :) Glad things are going your way!!!!

  13. Oh my gosh, two times this thing ate my comment?? Maybe there's some government conspiracy out to keep my voice from being heard! Or something... too much Catching Fire on the brain. Okay, it better post this time or I will be forced to rant about it.

    Melissa- Thank you, I felt all rosy and amazing despite my best efforts at reducing the jinx-effect. Naturally he hasn't gone in the potty since, but I'm still feeling good about the effort as a whole :)

    Wendy- Awww, you noticed!! I guess I'm sort-of procrastinating, because Gwoe told me not to read Catching Fire all in one sitting and I'm trying to distract myself. I can't write because the boys are going bonkers and one of them is sans-pants, which complicates things. My background doesn't look like it did in the little sample, because I have a three-column thing and the background has to be so wide, but oh well. I don't have much patience for trying to find anything else, and at least it isn't mind-glaring white anymore. Wendy, will you PLEASE start Hunger Games? Pretty please??? I need to talk to you about this book and Catching Fire. Okay, I'm off to bug Gwoe, whose new wip rocks btw. She likes my first chapter and I'm waiting on the POV verdict on chapters 2 through 5...

  14. Hi BJ, our comments must have crossed in passing :) My potty training efforts are definitely one step forward five steps back but I'm trying to embrace the small victories as they come :) Good luck to you too!!

  15. Yay about everything!!!!! I'm glad your morning started out so awesome!!

  16. Start Hunger Games implies that I have it hanging around my house and I'm just not reading it. If I had Hunger Games, I'd read it for you... and because I am procrastinating. Mostly because I love you, though. Okay. It's all about the love.

    And now it's awkward.

    Seriously, I need to focus. Really. Honestly.

  17. Hi Natalie! Thanks! I'm crossing my fingers for a smooth afternoon :)

    Oh that's true Wendy, I couldn't help but wonder if maybe you noticed that Barnes and Nobles online has all books for the "member" price, including free three-day shipping on orders of $25 or more... which puts Hunger Games at $10. I also couldn't help but wonder, in case you were strapped for cash, if you meant to go the library this afternoon to pick it up instead, since you're procrastinating and you love me *flutters lashes* How's Hush, Hush btw? Should I add it to my list? Right now Shiver is next.

  18. I haven't started Hush, Hush yet. Le sigh. I went and put book shelves on my blog so that you can see which books I have and don't have. Informative, huh? I'm all about informative. It's not about procrastination... much.

  19. Catching Fire is like sweet, liquified chocolate and fresh perfectly ripe stawberries.

  20. YAY! Victory on writing and the potty! Sounds like a perfect day! Congrats! :D <3


  21. In my house we have this chant..."Pee pee in the potty. Pee pee in the potty. Pee pee in the potty. " It has a little dance and all and I am doing that now for your little naked man.

    Hush, Hush is pretty good, not like LOVING it per say but really good. I love Patch...Grrrr. I started it this morning and I am halfway through and I still don't know what is going on so...I put it down for now. You know too bad you, me and Wendy don't all have Kindles. I hear that I can buy a book on the Kindle then let whoever has a kindle borrow it. via the internet. Pretty cool and would save the three of us a lot of money since we all read the same books.

    Wendy...oh baby, you have GOT to put hunger games on you list. Dude, it is SOOOOOO good! I read catching fire Tuesday. Yep in one day. I inhaled it like air.

    Okay off to cook dinner, maybe get in a little of my chapter three and then *rubs hands together* read a little of Fated.

  22. Look at that, another paragraph and few more comments to others and I might of had us a blog highjack here. I'll try better next time.

  23. Eeeek!!!!!! 1.) Yay for potty success! 2.) I got my copy of Catching Fire today!!!
    I see your Team Peeta badge and I love it but know I can't make my decision until I finish CF.

    Also, POVs...ha. My Mer story is swimming with many POVs. I'm not sure if it will stay that way, but so far so good.
    My blog