Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oh My Aching Manuscript

An UPDATE!!, for anyone following my potty training and writing saga (below).

The POV changes at chapter breaks-- NOT in the middle of chapters... and NOT all the characters together trying to force their POV wherever they want-- gosh could you imagine? Also, not omniscient. Each chapter is third person limited to one character. So chapter one is from the MC, the next is from the love interest, then it goes to the MC's BFF, then it comes back to the MC, then to the love interest etc etc etc etc. Wicked Lovely aside, I can't think of another YA that does this so there is probably a reason for that. And I'm basically hosed. I'll go with your advice (everybody, thanks); my muse is in charge now and I'll let it explode in my face later.

Potty Training:
The little guy has yet to have success in the potty today-- sob! I don't know how I convinced him yesterday. Maybe it was a fluke... or he could have been teasing me-- he loves messing with my mind and proving me a liar when we have company. Look at him, playing with his Hot Wheels a mere two feet away from the potty. He sits on it a lot though... I count that as progress. Okay, now he's putting his Hot Wheels into his potty and saying, "Wheee!" Ne-ver-mind.


  1. Laini Taylor's Dreamdark series changes POV all the time and not just at chapter breaks, but she does it in away that I don't notice - check it out.
    My WIP changes POV sometimes and I'll probably fix it, but suddenly half way through my book I want to change to the male love interest POV. It's both their story. I considered going back and with both their POV, but he really doesn't come into play until halfway through the book. Anyway crazy. Good luck. Sorry about potty training - like I said - hate it.

  2. Oh, you crack me up! I like unique POV stories, so hang in there on that and on the potty fun. Good times.

  3. I think Laini Taylor's, Faeries of Dreamdark: Blackbringer, switched POV on the chapters. She had about four...maybe five POV's. It seemed effortless when I read it so you might check that book out.

  4. Point of view--schmoint of schmew. Just keep writing. It all works out in the rewrite. All of it.

    I love that you've put your books on the side, btw. It's full of awesome.

  5. With your writing... just let it flow. If it doesnt work in the end, it will be a learning experience, and you can always go back and change it later =]

    And I'm sorry about the potty training!

  6. Hello, A Happy New Year to you! I hope you enjoyed your Holidays! :)

  7. I enjoy different POV's. It gives the reader more insight.

    As for the potty training...I am so far beyond it (Thank God!), but if there is one thing I think I learned...if he doesn't seem ready, maybe you want to consider backing off? He's two, right? Don't boys start later? I'd put the diapers back on and ignore it for another six months. You are getting this from someone who had a nightmare with potty training, because daycare announced my daughter was ready, and started her right in. What did I know? She wasn't ready...and it made the whole thing a living nightmare that lasted MUCH longer than it should have, which hurt us both.

    Good luck...and good news. Since you've done this twice before, you know that this too will pass!