Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Random Wednesday: Funnies, Feathers, and Flash

No rant today, no major complaints. Just the usual, kids-driving-me-insane type of stuff. Yawn, who wants to rant about that? Anyway, life is happily decent :) Wow, I almost wrote, "Life is good," but that might tempt the universe a little too much. (Really Diana? Life is good? How about this! And this! Anything good about THIS? Bwahahahaaa!!)

No, that's okay. I'm not superstitious or anything (really, I am), but why chance it? Life is happily decent.

So, being without a rant, this post gets to be COMPLETELY random. Are you ready for it?

Some of the random things 
I've stumbled across this week!

Natalie at Sound of the Rain posted this cartoon, haha!

I have AWESOME commenters though! Thank you guys!

Here is a sign I saw on "Unnecessary" (the blog of unnecessary, quote-unquote, "quotes"). 

Whenever I read signs with unnecessary quotes, I imagine some dude reading the sign out loud, using finger quotes in the air... adding, "If you know what I mean," to the end. So what, exactly, will they be giving the children?

In other randomness, I have a couple more flashes over on Flashy Fiction. Are you flashing yet? It's fun!!

Semi-lastly, I love Cake Wrecks, but this awesome wedding cake was actually sent to me by my mom, after I told her about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (no, she didn't go to this blissful event. She found the picture on the internet):

And now, Cake Wrecks for reals. Ahhh, the hilarity of turkey cakes, with their unfortunate, poo-on-legs shaped heads. Is it okay that I wrote "poo" in my blog?

I can't imagine what thoughts were going through this cake-decorator's mind as he added legs to the poo, but there are WAYYYY more turkey cake pics for your enjoyment, and way worse ones if you're in the mind for some junior high laughter. Check out Cake Wrecks: A Fine Feathered Salute.

Now it's time to bring it back around to writing. I keep forgetting to check my word count for WIP Wednesday. It couldn't have changed much, though, because last week I focused on other writerly-related issues, including beta-ing. This week should be more wip intensive. So, how is your writing coming along?


  1. You're full of randomness. I like all of it! Woo woo!

    I also like to flash--a lot. :)

  2. There's nothing lik seeing poo on legs:) It's raining nonstop here and I'm still sick, so I needed a good laugh!

  3. Thanks Wendy. It's a very random day for me :)

    I agree Melane. There were funnier turkey mishaps, but some of them were a little x-rated!

  4. Super funny randomness today Diana. Now I'm curious what "red bull" and "puppy" might really mean too. Snorted and the poo on legs.

    Have a decent day Diana.

  5. I'm a little frightened of that poo on legs. I hope it doesn't run very fast...