Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shh, I'm cheating.

I won't tell if you won't, but... I'm putting up a blog post-- SHH!!! Dude, I'm still unplugged! I just had to share this incredible link of how the bloggy and tweety Debra L. Schubert just accepted an offer of representation from Baker's Mark Literary Agency. Thank you Wendy for sharing this, it's inspiring (unless you get choked by jealousy. Then don't read it). The lesson for me is, query widely. If you all knew how unwidely I query you would want to shake me. Seriously people, it's bad. But at least each query I send is tailored specifically to each agent. I query only out of love.

Okay, unplugging again and entering my cave of solitude. If you need me throw up a comment. I can reply through my Blackberry.


  1. The phrase "throw up a comment" sounds very visual and disgusting, but I'll purge this one out anyway:

    I'm all choked up by jealousy. It's true. I find her story full of awesomeness, though. I'm still jealous, though. The green monster is practically eating me alive. Still... I really need to get back to querying because nothing ventured is... basically nothing ventured... and I DO like to venture. I like to venture all over the place. I just ventured today in fact... just now. HAH. I just need to venture in the way of queries.

    "Here, dearest Agent, here is my heart on my sleeve for you to crush with the words 'I was disappointed in' in a personal reply that I wish was form. Please send it to me on holidays. Thanksgiving is coming up. I'll be vacationing from Christmas to New Year's so that's your next opportunity. Well, I do have an anniversary you can ruin also, but lets stick to holidays so the husband can still have sex.


    See! I purged out a reply for you. I feel better. I think I'll go for a walk.

    AHHH! WV was colowns--which is close enough to clowns for me to sense a conspiracy. Is there anything scarier than clowns? No. The answer is no.

  2. Ew Wendy. But duly noted. Now that I'm trapped by Blackberry again I can't even edit the post to change "throw up," but that's okay. I like where the visual led you. Ha-larious! My thumbs can't do this reply justice but I loved your honesty (I was going to write "commitment to honesty" but Blackberry doesn't spell check me).

    For anyone out there who reads comments, I am having another fabulously productive, internet-free day. Dishes are getting emptied from the dishwasher, I started a NEW chapter in my wip, and I'm tackling the much procrastinated job of balancing out the Girl Scout account. I hate math. Boo. Hiss. Spit.

  3. Thanks Diane, I read her blog post and I cried. (No, I'm not PMSing, geez.) A little green yes but only because I am not at that stage yet and I want to be but soon, soon. Thank you for sharing.

    Wendy, 'lets stick to holidays so the husband can still have sex.' LOL, you two girls crack me up I love the banter that goes on between you two. I'm jealous of you guy's (guy's ??) fun friendship.

  4. *giggles to self* Diana, Diane is my alter ego. Sorry.

  5. Girl (with one eye), you are so funny! Yes, please join in on the bantar! Here's my Darth Vader voice, "Join us." Sorry, I would do more because I'm a fan of the elder Skywalker, but it's my thumbs, Girl (with one eye), it's my blasted, inept thumbs. Blackberry isn't as awesome as using a computer, but at least I can pick up stray toys with my toes as I walk around the place. I'm standing by being unplugged. It will make for a cleaner house, at least.

    No worries on Diane. And I'm sad you cried! I've been at this so long I don't even cry at a rejection, but I remember all that and I know it's deep and real. Hugs and hugs, keep writing and you will eventually write the one that makes it (and maybe it'll be your first one. Why not?). Go Girl!

  6. Join us... or die.

    No, just kidding. We don't kill people. (Raises one eyebrow) Or do we?

    (Actually, Di asked if we could adopt you, so you've made it from stalker to buddy for her too.)

    Not that we don't like stalkers. (Raises one eyebrow) Maybe we stalk a little ourselves.

    I have a million other things that I should be doing, but don't feel like it. Laundry--dishes--so on. You're making me feel like an under-achiever, Diana--especially since it's been weeks since I picked up a toy with my toes. (It's cold here and it's easier to pick up toys without socks on.)

    It's okay, though, I'm not jealous of your progress or anything.... I'm not planning a trip to throw dirt around your place and spit on your clean dishes.

    (Raises one eyebrow) Or am I?

    BTW, Bantar sounds very Star Wars, Diana. By all means, GwOE... join us in the Bantar. BAWAHAHA! or if you prefer Mwahahaha! (I'm not sure what kind of evil laughter person you are.)

  7. It's a stalker's dream come true to be elevated to buddy status. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like when I kick a puppy. Mwahahaha!

    On a side note, I think it might be a genetic thing that WE, yeah baby me too, can pick up objects with our toes. I personally have very long toes and get mocked quite often. I was even tempted to take a picture to prove how long my toes were but I thought "who wants to see my freakish chimpanzee feet?" Annnd, so i didn't. Plus I needs a peticure ladies, it isn't pretty.

    Laundry, dishes ugh. I've really neglected our home lately because my redacting (love that word) is taking over. (the redacting is taking over not my love for the word redact, though I've used it a lot here so maybe it is my love for the word)

    Annnd I'm spent!

  8. Yes peticure not pedicure because my toe nails look more like my dog's claws than my own.

    LOL, just kidding. I totally misspelled that crap.

  9. GwOE! You're back, yay and welcome. I know you're partially unplugged today too so this feels special.

    What?! You are a toepanzee too?! My husband, gotta love him but he thinks my toe usage is gross. I can't help it though! It feels so natural to use them.

    I also need a peticure (hee hee, I like your explanation. And I like made-up words).

    Yes, let's upgrade to buddies. It sounds so much better and less creepy than "follower," dontcha think? ("Hey, there's GwOE, she's a follower of mine. Yes, I'm also a follower of hers." Weird).

  10. Oh man Wendy, I knew you were toepanzee! I KNEW it!

  11. I wont tell anyone. But yay! Always love hearing good news about other writers.

  12. check your inbox little lady...when your done unplugging.

  13. Just clicked over to Debra's post. Wow! What an INCREDIBLE story. Thanks for sharing that.

  14. Followers sometimes reminds me of the word "zombies," and I'm not sure why. I also sort of like the thought of a bunch of zombie followers--also--not sure why.

  15. GwOE- Got it, thank you! The monthly scout leader meeting is tonight (where the horrendous finance report is due) so forgive me if I take what seems like forever to get to it... I can't wait to have a look! :)

  16. Amazing story! Thanks for your thoughtful comment on our post. So many interesting opinions on this topic. It has been a fun to read everyone's POV.

  17. Karen- I feel the same way!!!! It gives me such hope and inspiration to read these stories, I want more :)

    Corey- I know, right?! I'm still amazed. Very good for her :)

  18. Lisa and Laura you guys read fast! Welcome to the Coaster, and for those of you who are curious, I gave my take on curse words in YA on Lisa and Laura's website. There are so many responses, but mine in a nutshell is: Use them if you must, but if there's flak that comes with it, then... there's flak that comes with it.

  19. Liked the comment you left on Lisa and Laura's blog. I'm cheating a little bit too. I've been reading a lot of people's blogs just not commenting, but I miss not commenting on yours and Wendy's.

  20. Thanks Mary, I miss posting on your blog! I need to go over and subscribe to your follow ups so my blackberry gets them :)

    Lisa and Laura seem like a fun couple of gals. They brought up a good topic, and I hadn't read their blog before so I'm glad it came up. Thanks to Wendy for keeping me in the loop while I'm unplugged :)

  21. Sounds like you're enjoying your mostly unplugitude, Diana. I too have been largely unplugged of late, but not for any specific reason other than the fact that I've been caught up in the great pinball machine of life (as described in my latest blog post-about time, isn't it?). And I love the word "Toepanzee!"

    Ah Wendy, your agent makes me flinch. Ouch. I haven't gotten to the point of querying, yet, but I really wonder how I'll deal with the rejection. I'm sure you've probably seen this before, but it always makes me laugh and cringe at the same time:

  22. Yes I am Sesquip, thank you :) I look forward to reading your blog post-- hopefully full of your signature footnotes? Thanks for the you tube link, but don't give Wendy any ideas!!

  23. Diana P...


    .. I don't understand this one point I thought you weren't writing in English...hehehehehe!!!

  24. Hi Charity! Oh man, I must have confused the heck out of people who missed the previous post about being "unplugged." Sorry about that!

  25. Snicker-- Rejection! Rejection! I'll stuff your eyeballs in my ears just so I don't have to hear your screaming. (Okay, it's probably perverse that I found that so funny.)

    So, in music, when something is unplugged--it's usually a bit more wild and funky. I think I might go for that maybe for a week--unplugging the other way is most likely impossible.

    I could be funky.

  26. Ayyy Sesquip, now look how Wendy's behaving. Am I the only sane Rejection-receiver here? They are business letters people! Sure, I used to think agents threw our submissions into a pile in the middle of New York and danced around it, spitting and laughing, far into the night, but let's be realistic. Who has time for a bonfire anymore? I haven't in years. And everything's gone to digital submissions, so it's not like our submissions are flammable.

  27. Sorry, Diana, I couldn't resist.

    I thought you'd like that, Wendy. I imagine I'll get even more perverse pleasure from that when I get my first rejection. Rejection...

    I hope I can look at it like you do, Diana, I just don't know yet because I'm the slowest writer on earth and may never get to the point where I even receive a rejection. Rejection...