Friday, November 20, 2009

Still Unplugged!

Hi all! I'm still Unplugged, mostly. Wendy is keeping me in the loop of what's going on in the blog-world. I also started Pride and Prejudice and Zombies... LOVE it!!

If you haven't had a chance to enter the Coaster's First Ever Giveaway, the deadline is Tuesday November 24th at midnight, the prize is a copy of The Maze Runner, and you can enter HERE

Have an awesome weekend everyone!


  1. Have fun with P & P & Z, Diana! I haven't read it yet, but my daughter loved it.

  2. I have PP&Z in my TBR pile. I promised myself I would indulge in reading again once my first draft is finished. All my free time right now is devoted to reading chapters for my crit group and writing (and blogging, of course):)

  3. Hey, Di, I'm at my sister's, and I can't email out due to a weird firewall glitch. So, I'm reading your emails, but I can't respond. It's agonizing, but what's a girl to do. Have fun watching sparkles.

  4. Hi Sesquip- P & P & Z is sooo fun! I'm having a ball, Regency lover that I am. I keep going back to my much-loved copy of Pride and Prejudice to compare!

    Melane- Good plan! Especially with that first book, you really have to stay focused. Having a crit group is great, it will really keep you motivated :)

    Wendy- Ahhhh that explains it. I knew you had nothing better to do on a Saturday morning than reply to my insecure ramblings. I guess you're more unplugged than I am :)

  5. Oh wow, I just realized I never titled this baby.

  6. Please give us a review when your done. I've seen the movie to the original...Yes, I know that does not count. Please don't be shocked I have never read a Jane Austen book, it's on my list of to do's.

    This unplug thing, it's every month? If so, I'm in from now on.

  7. Hi Gwoe! (I like this nickname. It makes me think "Glowy," but in 3-year-old speak). I am definitely doing a Book Talk on Pride and Prejudice and Zombies; it's hysterical and gruesome, like giving my imagination a chocolate-vanilla swirl soft-serve of creativity.

    And yup, this unplug thing is every month, starting the third Monday of the month. I just tested it out this month, and now that I tried it, I'm in too! For writers like me, it reminds me that the focus has GOT to be on the story-- whether revising, querying, or working on a wip. Blogging has to come second (as much fun as it is, my blog won't write my book for me). But I am excited to getting back to posting tomorrow... especially with the contest wrapping up :)