Saturday, November 14, 2009

Book Giveaway! The Maze Runner

**Comments are now closed! Thanks to all
who entered the giveaway!!**

No Book Talk today... I haven't read anything this week, and yeah, I could do a Book Talk about an old favorite but here's another idea...

In honor and appreciation of reaching fifty Followers,
and because I want to pay forward the fact that 
I won this book in The Literary Girls Book Giveaway,
everyone is welcome to join in

The Coaster's First Ever Book Giveaway!

The winning entrant will receive a copy of 
The Maze Runner by James Dashner

For my vague and gushing blog about this exciting book, click HERE. For actual reviews of the book, go HERE to read Jessica's or HERE to read Mary's. I still think it was fun reading it "blind," from page one, with no idea what it was going to be about.

International, national, natioregional, regional, wherever you are is fine. Future giveaways, if any, may be more geo-restrictive depending on how much it ends up costing me to ship out a book, but for this first giveaway the party is all-inclusive-- yay to inclusivity! (I'm sure it's inclusiveness, but Google says both are actual words so I'm going with it. And I AM a fan of made-up words that could pass as semi-real, so it would have worked either way).

Deadline and Other Rules:
  1. All entries and bonus entries must be posted in the comments section before midnight on Tuesday, November 24th
  2. Bonus entries may be submitted apart from the initial entry, but must be received by the November 24th deadline.
  3. All entries and bonus entries must be posted in the comments of THIS blog post. 
  4. Barring any strange occurrence, the drawing and grand giveaway winner announcement will be held on Wednesday, November 25th

How to enter:
Post a comment with your email.
Please let me know in your comment if you have any bonus entries coming at ya!

Bonus entries!
  • Old Follower +3
  • New Follower +2
  • The Coaster is in your sidebar +2
  • The Giveaway is mentioned on your blog +1
  • The Giveaway is mentioned on a forum or is pimped by you in some other way +1 (no max on the number of pimps)
  • You include a made-up word in your entry +1
  • You have the most bonus points +1
And one more secret bonus point... are you an alliteration aficionado? Haiku-lover? Rhyming wizard? Throw something creative in your comment for an extra entry point (I always liked it when teachers gave extra credit for creativity). Maximum of two creativity bonus points per entrant. Good luck everyone!!


  1. Can I play! Can I play! Just kidding Diana. Just want everyone to know that it's such a good book I want it back. Guess I'll have to go and buy it.

  2. Well i'm an old follower, i'm in the sidebar and give me a few moments and i link to this competition! :)

  3. Hi Mary!! We should both play without the points, even though I agree... it's such a good book I want to keep it :)

    Hi Emily, thanks for linking! Keep racking up the bonus points and good luck :)

  4. Old in what way?

    I love how you referred to your blog as "The Coaster."

    I'll play without points too, because we don't want it to look like favoritism--because everyone knows I'm your favorite. :) Plus, you'd go nuts trying to keep up with the math.

    OH! OH! Word verification was pyrit--an alternate spelling for pirate? I think so.

  5. It looks like Emily is in the lead, but math is my second worst subject so I could be wrong.

    Wendy, you have the funniest links on your sidebar. I laughed until my side ached on Cake Wrecks, "Unnecessary", and Awkward Family Photos. My favorite are the Cake Wreck Lenin cake and Poo Wave Cheesecake. Thanks for sharing the hilarity.

  6. Neato contest =] But I'm not entering. I have too many books waiting to be read already. Throw one more in there and the shelf may collapse.


  7. The husband like Cake Wrecks too. I think I got that from Natalie's site. I'm fairly sure. Hilarious. I like the two cookie cakes where one says "Nothing on the 2nd" written in frosting. (Clearly instructions--not an iced message.)

  8. Wendy- I think you did too =P

    I love today's wedding cake post about what a marriage needs to make it! LOL!

  9. Wow, Emily may make a sweep of it!

    Natalie, I totally understand. My tbr list could reach the moon. There are sooooo many good books out there! Feel free to join Mary, Wendy and myself in playing for fun :)

    Wendy, I saw that one with the cookies, and there's one today of a football-shaped cake that says "Football Shape Cake". Hahaha!!!

    Natalie again, so THAT'S why I "cake wrecks" sounded familiar. I remember your post about the beautiful cakes your mom made... is that where you mentioned it? I also love today's wedding cake. I think the funniest part is reading the captions written... having that embroidered on a pillow--ha!

  10. Okay, Diana, enter me! Of course I'm an old follower (but I'm not old), you're in my sidebar (of course), I haven't blogged about the contest yet (but I will, promise), and I absolutely love the snarkaliciousness going on in the comments (is that weird enough?) LOL!

  11. Love cake wrecks, they're hilarious - I liked the - Faith. Love. Thrust. The Coaster - love it.

  12. Woot-dee-woot! Melane's playing! Yay!! :) Bonus point for snarkaliciousness, (looove it!) and thank you for your offer to blog about the contest.

    Mary, I giggled so hard at that. What would a marriage be without thrust?

  13. Thrust is sooo important. Luckily, there is medication for if you lose that thrust.

    See. I would never say that in my own blog. I'd get in so much trouble with my mom.

  14. That's why I love going to other people's blogs too! I know it can all be traced back to me, but it feels easier when I'm visiting someone's blog than when I'm on my own!

  15. Hi ladies, sorry I'm late. I wouldn't miss our fabulous date. I've joined the ranks so that's two and I've added "The Coaster" to my sidebar view. In tomorrow's post I'll give you a plug and mention that you're good friends with a lady bug. So if my matharmithics is correct,which I hope, I've ranked up seven points as a rhyming dope.

  16. Please count me in. I would love to win this. thanks for the chance.

    lizzi0915 at aol dot com

  17. Thanks for the giveaway-I had never heard of this-however your review has me wanting to read it

    chocolate and croissants at yahoo dot com

  18. +2 new follower

    chocolate and croissants at yahoo dot com

  19. must read maze running might realize mighty read

    my poor attempt at alliteration

    chocolate and croissants at yahoo dot com

  20. cococroissants GIveaway for the Maze Runner

    chocolate and croissants at yahoo dot com

  21. Cool!! I would love to win this. Thank you for the chance. I will blog about this - wait for it :)

    bunnybx at gmail . com

  22. +1 Blogged:

    bunnybx at gmail . com

  23. Girl with One Eye! Yay, you came over!!! Woo hoo! Welcome to my blog, I hope you like it and thanks for becoming a Follower :) And thank you for joining in on the contest, you are doing great on the entries (my math is terrible so I will save the addition to the end). Good luck!

    Hi Bethie! You are definitely counted in. Your blogs look interesting, thanks for stopping by :)

    Esme, hello and welcome :) Your blog is lovely... I ADORE croissants and chocolate, and French is my third, rusty, so not fluent, parents-were-right-I-never-used-it language! You made me giggle with all your contest entries, thank you for doing all that and becoming a Follower :) Now I've GOT to find a way to use cococroissant in a sentence. Bonne chance!

    Bunny B. thank you for coming over and entering, and I saw the Coaster in your link list, thank you :) I didn't see a "Follow" section on your blog, but with all those giveaway blog links I will definitely be back. Good luck!!

  24. Diana:

    I heard of a book called "The Maze Runner"
    It looked like so much fun
    So I'm entering contests wherever I can
    In hopes that I'll read "You've won!"

    Blogging, Tweeting and sidebarring,
    I've done each and every one
    This "old" follower hopes to now have
    At least 7 entries before this giveaway is done!

    Yes, it's true, I did try for a splendiliocious set of entries!

    I blogged about it and I also posted it in my sidebar:

    I tweeted about it & my Twitter name is @LHartness

    I'm an "old" follower in the sense that I joined at least a week ago, before the contest was announced.

    And I hope you like my splendiliocious new word!


    Thanks for the chance to enter!

    Laura Hartness

  25. pls enter me!! thanks so much!

    sensitivemuse at gmail dot com

  26. +2 new follower

  27. Laura!!! Omigosh that was AWESOME!!!! I am abusing exclamation points in your honor!!!! Seriously, thank you for all of that, the poem was the icing on the cake. Very good luck, and I bet you'll be the winner of the "most entries" bonus point :)

    Hi Okbolover, welcome and you are entered. :) Good luck!

    Hi Milka, thanks for entering and welcome to my blog :) Good luck!

  28. Diana:

    Glad you liked it! It took a minute to get the poem's rhyme into my head. I kept hearing a lymeric, and I didn't want to start off with, "There once was a book from Nantucket..." That wouldn't have been good! ;)

  29. Oooh! And here's another point! I just posted it on Facebook. My Facebook name is Laura Woodside Hartness.

    I'll keep working at it!


  30. Holy shnikey on the comments (note the non-word there)! Looks like I'm not the only one who wants to win a book. Will blog about it in the near future (it is my sisters turn to do the post and she's already got something planned).

  31. Laura, I had to Google that Nantucket poem up a few years ago because I NEEDED to know what the joke was-- terrible (tee hee hee!). Thank you for posting on Facebook, my gosh you really are getting up there in points!

    Hi Bethany, I know, right?!! It's like comments Christmas or something (thank you commenty people!). Thanks for offering to throw a line about the giveaway in your fabulous blog, and I love your non-word choice :) Non-word is also awesome.

  32. BTW, we linked the award you gave us in our blog today!

  33. jennay1221(at)gmail(dot)com

    +2 New follower
    +1 The giveaway is listed on my sidebar & also on a post (

  34. Bethany- Thank you! You two are such sweethearts! :) :)

    Jenn-ay- thank you so much for coming over and entering the Coaster's giveaway! Good luck :)

  35. Please enter me!

    * New Follower +2
    * The Giveaway is mentioned on your blog +1:
    * You include a made-up word in your entry +1 Grawflik!

    shutupjessicasreading @ gmaildotcom

  36. Hi Jessica Secret (great name btw) you are all entered and you're foing great on the entry points... I avoid math so I won't do the final add-up until after the deadline but you seem to be doing great! Grawflik sounds like a new, monster-based movie genre, "Have you seen Frankenwolf, the Mummy's Revenge? Typical grawflik." :)

  37. pleeeease enter me! ohhhh it looks and sounds good!!! :D
    wateva_08 at hotmail dot com
    wouldnt miss BONUS entries...
    +2 new follower
    +1 i tweeted, look on

  38. Hi Wateva, welcome! You are entered, with bonus entries :) Good luck!

  39. Hi, thanks for the international contest! :)
    +2 new follower


  40. I'd like to win this book! Thanks for the chance.

    +2 New Follower

    Made up word: GallapaloozaCruisin'

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  41. Hi Andrea and Nancye, you are both entered :) Good luck!!

  42. UPDATE:

    Hi guys, here are all the entries so far... Good luck! :)

    Emily 6
    Melane 7
    Gwoe 7
    Bethie 3
    Esme 5
    Bunny B. 4
    Laura 9 +1=10
    Okbolover 3
    Milka 3
    Bethany 6
    Jenn-ay 5
    Jessica Secret 5
    Wateva_08 4
    Andrea 3
    Nancye 4