Thursday, November 12, 2009

Always Reasons to Celebrate

There are reasons to be happy, yes there are. Here are some of mine:
  • I just discovered the Internet Archive, which has many things including primary source documents from Marie Antointette's life. My wip concerns the French Revolution (sort of), and this site with letters, glorious letters, penned by and to this fascinating person, makes my brain feels like a garden that someone just threw Miracle-Gro all over. (Happiness).
  • I went to the ocean yesterday. (More Happiness).
  • Life is good. Really. I live in a free country, I have food in my kitchen and the love of my family and am blessed enough to have extra time (somehow) and can occupy my life with a passion (writing), and that is worth being happy over... at least once a day, anyway.
Is there anything good going on you'd like to share? Share the positivity! Let's spread some good vibes :)

Before I move onto awards I have to give props to Wendy, who left a comment yesterday that makes my non-committal Top Comments E-v-e-r Posted list. Woo hoo Wendy! A gold star for you!

And now...

THANK YOU Natalie from The Sound of the Rain

for the Heartfelt Award
Here are the rules:
1. Display the logo.
2. Nominate up to 9 blogs that make you feel comfy or warm inside. 
3. Link to your nominees.
4. Let them know they have been nominated by commenting.
5. Link to the person from whom you received the award.

My award nominations go to the following (I decided to just give one to everyone who replied to my post on Papa's passing. I thought that was very heartfelt of you all, but if you aren't much for awards-- or if you and I have made a pact about not giving awards-- just accept and don't worry about the rules.)

Melane from Chasing the Dream
Bethany from Shooting Stars

I have other awards to catch up on, especially the One Lovely Blog Award from Mary Anne at Starlight Blog. I will soon, I promise! 

In the meantime, Mary Anne from Starlight Blog AND Natalie from Sound of the Rain BOTH gave out the Icing on the Cake Award to all of their followers, and my followers are the icing on the cake too, so I'm doing the same thing. Thank you everyone, and please accept The Icing on the Cake Award, you guys are the sweetest followers ever.


  1. Beautiful things to be happy about. I'm happy about the sun shining today.

  2. Happy that Zumba was invented! And the awards are well-deserved Diana. You do have a "heartfelt" blog :)

  3. You deserve every award you get Diana. Wendy's comment was really great - she is so funny.
    My happy thing is I'm almost done with my short story and I got my 8 year old off to school without his usual meltdown.

  4. Oh and thank you for the award - you are awesome. I love how positive you are.

  5. You have such an amazing attitude! Thanks for the award :)
    Glad you're feeling happier

  6. Love ya sweetie!!

    I'm happy that I kicked butt on a scene in my story yesterday! And I'm happy that tonight I get to curl up with a big blanket and a bowl of ice cream and watch The Vampire Diaries. Yum. Yum ;)

  7. Diana,

    Thank you for the award! I'm tickled pink. And I love your blog.

    As for my happy news: I am at 48,000 words in my work in progress. I will be FINISHING it tonight! Ah, the rush of joy that comes with the completion of a novel. Sigh.

  8. BJ- Thanks for stopping by :) I'm happy that I found out about Unplug Week from your blog.

    Corey- Okay, I had to Google Zumba. I'm impressed! I probably *should* get into some sort of exercise regimen.

    Mary- Aw Mary, you're so sweet. I feel your meltdown woes, but lately it's been my five-year-old. The 8-year-old has gravitated toward attitude.

    Emily- Thank you! Always great to see you. And congratulations on your graduation. :)

    Natalie- Do you mean the ballroom scene or did you finish another?! Congratulations and enjoy the ice cream and tasty show!

    Ugh... I ate too many toffee-covered peanuts. Enjoy your day-before-the-weekend everyone!

  9. Hi Bethany, thank you! And... oh wow!! To be that close to completion, what a thrill!! You're motivating me to want to get to work on my wip, thanks!!

  10. Why so non-committal, Diana? Are you afraid of commitment? Thanks for the props. I shall reward myself with a spoonful of Frosting.

    Good news! I got into a contest with only 70 entrants! It was enough of a good thing to nearly drown all the bad news that followed yesterday.

    My daughter gets an award tomorrow at an assembly for being a "Terrific Kid." (It's an award given to three kids per class each year. T got it last year in Kindergarten and has been "lording" it over B ever since. Wendy rolls her eyes.) It comes with a bumper sticker that we didn't put on our car due to my son's inflated ego, but maybe now we will. (Of course, knowing T--he might still feel the need to mention he got his in kindergarten, but B doesn't always recognize snideness.)

    Off to claim my Frosting.

  11. BTW, I quote two words "DIRECTLY" from your book in my blog entry. I hope you'll still let me beta despite my clear need to both exploit and plagiarize your work. (I had no idea that's how you spell plagiarize. Weird. I have a list to add that to.)

    My WV is "hophog." It made me snicker.

  12. Hi Wendy, I hope you're enjoying your Frosting. Thank you for sharing all your good mojo. I am excited about the contest for you, have I mentioned that a time or three? Har.

    In regards to you outing me on your blog. Thanks, donkey. It's a draft, it's supposed to be full of overly complex language, adverbs, characters whose hair changes color without explanation and other abuses of artistic license. Hola! That is what a beta is for. Now stop blogging about the monstrosity and beta it already... go on... shoo!

  13. You totally just called me an ass! Don't think I didn't notice that. For the record, so far Diana's character's hair has NOT changed color. (I did that with one of my characters several times before everyone started sending me notes saying "PICK A FREAKING COLOR, WENDY!") Brown--black--whatever... they're basically the same color, right?

    Technically, black isn't a color, though. It's a hue.

    See--I even correct myself in front of everyone.

    I'm excited about the contest too. That means I'm currently entered in two contests. Yay! I love contests. It's like gambling--only more painful--possibly.

  14. Hi Wendy, or person living in my brain as I sometimes like to imagine. You left the comments at 13, and you know how I feel about that. Soooo I guess I have to comment, which rounds it up to an even number, and I know how you feel about that.

    I clarified on your blog, but thought I should on mine too: Wendy and I are all chummy and inside-jokey, so everything is always all good. I laugh at myself as I write this, because I don't think people read my comments anyway. Still, for posterity's sake, I love you my Wendy. And yes, I called you a donkey but remember, I don't use the word ass. Even demonstratively.

  15. Okay, I had so much fun reading all of your and Wendy's comments and I just had to come over here and tell you how much I love the way you handled her outing. I know it's all in fun, but really, there are some people out there who couldn't take that kind of thing--however lightly it's handled--so I find it very refreshing that you can laugh about it. That's important for writers. We need thick skins. (I chant that to myself as I dive into a rather honest shredding of 50 pages of my WIP from one of my CP's. There's good and bad in there, but I still think I'll need Vodka afterward.) :)

  16. Hi Shannon, thanks for coming over :) I'm glad you saw the fun in everything and I definitely agree on needing thick skins! But oh man, I've also been back and forth reading your comments about the 50 page critique! That's extremely brave of you. Take heart, your story will be better for it, and keep us posted on your progress.

  17. Both awards are adorable. Congrats! :)

  18. Hey Diana P! :)

    Thank you so, so, so much! Boy oh boy! (do people still say boy oh boy these days?) I have so many awards to catch up with/ to pick up! Oh darn it! (do people still say darn it these days?) I hope I don't miss out on any!

    I think that a celebration is a most wonderful thing to do! I love celebrations! And I love how you think you can find a celebration in every day of your life! :)

  19. Wonderful, positive things to be happy about!

  20. I just mean the ballroom scene. I'd finished it, but it wasn't all shiny and perdy. But I worked on it yesterday and now it's wonderful, if I do say so meself =]

  21. Thanks for the award Diana! You are so sweet!

    I have been laughing my head off reading the comments between you and Wendy. Ya'll are hilarious!

  22. Jessica- Thanks, they do sneak up on me though!

    Charity- Thank you! I love celebrating :) Your blog is very uplifting also, I always feel happy going over there.

    Scobberlotcher- Thank you, I try to stick to the positive when I can :)

    Natalie- Great job Natalie! I love a good ballroom scene... the dresses and dancing are so lovely and make me want to just dream and sighhh :)

    Melane- You're welcome, you equally sweet person :) Thank you for stopping by. And I'm glad you thought the comments were funny. We should really keep our inside joking to ourselves next time, hee hee!

  23. Looks quite interesting really. Well I have posted up some Lunatic Musings if you want to see.