Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Visiting at Natalie Murphy's Blog Today!

I'm not here today, I'm guesting at Natalie Murphy's Blog, The Sound of the Rain . She's having surgery (or had?? I'm setting this post to go up automatically ahead of time. It's like I'm speaking to you from the past!!) so this week a few of her other devoted admirers (myself included) are stepping in to help. 

You'll be very proud of me, I turned on my brain and wrote a writerly blog post for her, with practically no silliness! I even stayed on the subject!

So hop over to Natalie's Blog  and find out what I learned at a writer conference last summer about character development!

Synchronizing blog posts in three... two... one...


(Really Diana. No massive explosion. You wrote a blog post, you didn't become a spy or whatever it is you're imagining. ~weary sigh~ It's better when you let me be in charge. And stop watching so much Bourne Identity. -Your Brain.)


  1. LOL, going to check out your writerly post;)

  2. *sigh* But Jason Bourne is so smexlicious. Anywhoo...I'm dashing over here from over there to say awesome post! ♥

  3. Melissa- Why thank you *tips fancy-smancy writer quill* I'm very writerly today!

    Tina- SOOOOO TRUUUUUE about Jason Bourne. *sigh* Thanks for commenting on my writerly post. I feel so mature. If you noticed, there wasn't an ounce of ridiculousness!

  4. Lmfao, you crack me up.

    Thank you for posting for me, love =)

  5. You're very welcome Natalie, it was a pleasure! Anytime you need a guest blogger, let me know, I LOVED blogging for you!!!