Saturday, November 6, 2010

An Update... Spanish 101

As of yesterday, Nathan Bransford is no longer an agent, or even in publishing. He took a job as a social media something-something at CNET. In case you somehow missed it on twitter, now you know. Let the speculation begin!

In totally unrelated news that I'm too sleepy to transition into properly, I'll be off blogger/twitter/etc for a while. I have family flying in from Miami and Costa Rica (actually, they arrived yesterday. Again, I'm sleepy. I should have waited until I was awake before blogging but I have SO.MUCH.TO.DO for la familia's big visit).

Basically, they want to "see" California. And so... I will show them. (It feels like I should insert an evil laugh here. And so... I will show them..... BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!). Universal, Disney, Hollywood, the beach, the mountains, drunken celebrities, whatever that want to see. Ten days of gozando al máximo.

I don't know if I've ever blogged that my first language is Spanish. Having la familia here from far and wide has me thinking in Spanish. It's making blogging un poco difícil. Which reminds me (another sleepy tangent), I saw someone randomly do an entire blog post in their native German once. I'm not saying it wasn't cool, but I couldn't read a word of it. I won't do that to you all, no se preocupen.

So la familia is staying for ten days. Not all at my house. Some here, some at my mom's. It'll be fun (I'm an OPTIMIST, people). When I go to Costa Rica they're always awesome, and I'm determined that they have as good a time here as they give me when I go there. DETERMINED. That being said, my beloved family (read, crazy people I'm connected to through bonds of blood), is a boisterous group, and things tend to go comically awry (or horribly wrong) no matter what we do.

Good times ahead.

Pura vida.

And I need a white mocha.


  1. Have a blast!! I'm sure that even the horribly-awry stuff will be a great time :)

  2. Also-- I did not know your first language is Spanish, but now I want to pick your brains about thinking in a different language and etc. It will wait until you get back I'm sure :P

  3. Lmfaooo I cant wait to hear what happens when they're visiting with you. Pictures? lol You can blur out the faces so we'll never know who it is.... It'll be like watching MTV *snickers*

    But no really, I understand. My family is Irish, French, and then my dad's side married into the whole freaking country of Mexico. I swear, they did lol

    I also didnt know your first language was Spanish! I feel like a bad friend!


  4. Heh heh! Good times. (miss you *extreme sad face*)

  5. Ergh, the blog ate my comment *growls* I'm going to try this again....

    Dammit! Tina beat me! *shakes fist*


    So... What Tina asked... When did you learn English? =)

  6. Sounds like it will be a fun, crazy time - can't wait to here about it.

  7. of course I meant hear about it, but I would like to hear about it here.

  8. I like your Spanglish post here. My spanish is so rusty but I knew half of what you were saying. Have a great weekend with your family.

  9. Hey Amalia, Tina and Natalie, I think I answered your questions in the next blog post. If you're still curious about anything, ask away!

    Mary, haha, yes I hear ya ;) And we're having a lot of fun.

    Thanks Dana, we're having a blast!!