Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tilling Dirt, Reading, Movies, Other Stuff I've Been Up To.

~waves~ I just wanted to say hi. Here are the things I've been up lately:

Tilling Dirt

Sorry, no writing metaphor in this. We're just turning over the dirt in our grassless, weed-filled backyard. And yeah, it's as crappy as it sounds. We can't even use a motorized dirt tiller thing because our sprinkler system was installed so shallow and our "soil" has massive rocks in it. So the work is medieval-style, with a hand tiller. It's back-breaking stuff. And we're barely half done!!! I keep thinking, imagine if we lived in Little House on the Prairie times, and we HAD to do this to EAT?!! So thankful I'm not on a prairie.

Books I've Been Reading:

Paranormalcy (Soooo addictive; definitely one of my new faves)

Firelight (Thank you Tina! This is one of the BEST YA romances ever!!)

The Summer I Turned Pretty (Thanks Dana! An absorbing read, I finally finished it!)

Darklight (I LOVED Wondrous Strange and Darklight was even better!!! I can't wait for Tempestuous!!!!)

The Iron King (Love-love-love the Midsummer Night's Dream premise and I can't wait to read The Iron Daughter!!!!)

The Duff (Haha, super funny and cute. I liked it)

Movies at the Theater: 

Easy A Wow I really LOVED this movie!! Especially all the references to famous literature and 80's teen love movies (two of my favorite things in the whole world!).

The Other Guys If you like Will Ferell you'll enjoy it; Mark Wahlberg does fine. Overall it's a wait-for-rental IMO.

DVD Rentals:

Iron Man 2 Loved it, it's even better than the first IMO! Robert Downey Jr is perfect as Stark.

Prince of Persia It was fun. I'm a big fan of adventure movies.

Date Night Soooooo hilariously FUNNY!!!! I love Steve Carrel and Tina Fey, together they were brilliant!

Writing Stuff:

I'm getting ready to query, eek!! I'm not super "open" about what I'm querying, and especially not who I'm querying, but I will say that I love querying :) It's exciting. I've spent a lot of time re-re-RE-revising this book, and I'm anxious to find out if the changes have made a difference. And I'm also excited because as soon as I get going with queries, I'll focus my energy into revising a different book (the one I just finished writing), and as my lovely Tina knows, it needs work.

Other Stuff:

I hate cooking. But I love baking. Amalia sent me a heavenly chocolate chip cookie recipe and I've been stuffing myself with chocolate chip cookies ever since, yummmmmmm.

I'm sick, did I mention that? It's a head cold with a cough and my nose is running like a faucet and-and-and-- *sniff* Well. You know. So I hope you're all doing better :)

And that's about it! Minus lots of extremely boring stuff.  So what have you been up to?


  1. You're welcome! I loved that book! And I want to see Easy A so badly! (Spell it with your peas!)

  2. HAHAHAAA!!! Yes, you'll laugh so hard watching Easy A you'll spray soda for sure

  3. I'm so glad to hear you liked the cookie recipe! They're super easy--especially when you spread them. It saves SO much time, compared to dropping them individually!

    Also, I keep hearing all these good things about Paranormalcy! Is it in hardcover?

  4. Oh, Also, LOVED Easy A! :) SOO GOOD.

  5. Hi Amalia! Yes it's in hardcover but I got it at the library, you might want to check there first. And it's really well-written, there's a romance although I'd say the plot isn't a romance-- if that makes sense-- and it's impossible to put down!

  6. And the cookies spread out and sliced like brownies were a PERFECT idea!! Especially because I could keep slicing myself tiny slivers and justify having a little more every few minutes hahaha!!

  7. Editing an oldie but a goodie that I'd stuck away many months ago to let age. And painting. It's a fun diversion.

  8. Hi Catherine!! I have to swing by your blog, I haven't been in much too long :) Hey I've been revising an oldie but goodie of my own. I don't paint though, that sounds like fun and a great way to spur creativity. I remember seeing some of your art on your blog and you're very talented.

  9. Glad you liked the book I let you borrowed. I just adored it. And I won't comment on the cookie overdose.

  10. Oops! I meant "borrow" Darn editing!