Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just Avoiding Dinner

I have so much to do I can't even begin. Starting with making dinner. But since I'm on blogger, procrastinating, I wanted to say thanks for everyone's brilliant blog comments on my little *cringe* okay, long rant this week about romance novels. I almost deleted it the second I posted it!! Normally I keep things kind of light on my blog-- but then all the comments came, and then my lovely and sometimes critique partner Natalie devoted a whole blog-post to it, so I figured it might be okay. And wow, lots of new followers.

~waves~ Hi new followers!!!

Okay, enough procrastinating. Dinner must be made. Fun fact number two thousand ninety two about me: I'm a horrible cook. My twitter-friends saw a picture of the boiled noodles I BURNT the other night, eek! Who burns noodles??? I do *blush*

[My brain cannot BELIEVE how many exclamation points and *asterisk actions* I've used. It's appalled.]

Okay. Really. Time to make something for dinner. Reeeeeeally. It isn't going to make itself. Unless... (makes a phone call to super-husband...)...

...(ends phone call with super-husband).
Okay dinner really isn't going to make itself. *sad sigh*