Friday, September 3, 2010

Road Trip!!!!!

Need I say more? Road trip, yeah baby!!! Loyal followers will be stunned (insert sarcasm) to find out the locale is of the coastal variety. Yes, a beach road trip-- surprise surprise!

Here is where I'm NOT going:

There is no way to take a road trip to the above place because sadly, there are no roads to Hawaii. I love Hawaii though. The first time I went I was determined to live there, that's how hard I fell in love. But I also love Southern Cali... too much to leave it. So Hawaii gets to be a special something to really look forward to. Like the best dessert ever.

ANYWAY, this weekend's road trip will be-- I hope-- a full-on blasty blast! No repetitions of the pop-up shade debaucle, please!! And no, my beloved sister's aren't coming... this time it'll be my brother and his super-amazing wife. The two of them are so cute together! *insert floaty balloon hearts* Yay road trips!! Any guesses on where I'm going? I'll tell you next week and let you know how it went.

Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone! 


  1. You are coming to visit me!! *beams*

    Right? You are coming to see me... right? *sniffles* You're not?


    (Have fun!! xo)

  2. Ooh, so mysterious Di! Can't wait to find out where you're going. Have fun!

  3. Have fun!! Happy Labor Day! Sounds like a great time in the making :)

  4. You are SOOO cute!! *super hugs!!!!!*

    And I wish... Canada sounds amazing!

  5. I will be with you in spirit. No, really, I will. My Muse is a water nymph.