Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bookstores and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Good news! I convinced two non-reader friends to just read the beginning of Hunger Games... *rubs hands together with evil glee* They're hooked. They finished Hunger Games and Catching Fire. They want more books. They have nabbed random books from my bookshelf, bwa-ha-ha-haaa!!!!

ANYWAY, to change the subject almost completely, while I was at a big-chain-bookstore the other day, I did my usual and looked for my favorite authors to turn their books face-out. Hee hee hee! Yes, that kind of thing makes me happy. And yes, my friends who now read think that is extremely weird.

What's your typical trip to a bookstore like? Do you hang out for hours? Do you just buy everything online now? I do both. Buy online and go to the bookstore, and when I go to the bookstore I like to hang out for hours. Here's how my trip went the other night:
  • Perused the YA section, from beginning to end.
  • Turned favorite authors' books face-out.
  • Selected a soft-cover copy of City of Glass to match the first two books I already own. I've read City of Glass but I want to OWN it. (Yes Janelle, you can have your book back now!!)
  • Grabbed a white mocha and a huge chocolate chip cookie from the in-store coffee shop. I almost got the cheesecake but that cookie was calling my name. Diana! Diana you need a chocolate chip cookie! And look at me, I'm huuuuuge!!!  
  • Found a comfy chair and wrote. Or in this case, revised.**
**Revised... ahhhh, this is the good part... which reminds me, I keep revising Twists of Fate instead of Wishmaker, what am I doing?????! My brain tells me over and over, Revise Wishmaker, you have more distance with that story. Twists of Fate is too fresh in your mind!!! Why aren't you listening to me, I'm your brain!!!!! Sorry brain, I've never listened to you before, why start now? I should probably update my website and put up an excerpt of ToF and change the status of that book to "in revisions."

Where was I before my brain so rudely interrupted... oh yeah, revisions!
  • Revised and revised and REVISED until my laptop battery died. Normally I could stay until the store closes if given the chance, but I came with a half-full battery.
  • Swung by the books one more time. This time checked out adult fantasy and romance.
  • Returned to YA and pick up Wayfarer by R.J. Anderson. I'm a sucker for fairy stories.
  • The End.

I love revising :) Have I said that a million times already?? I love having the book all semi-roadmapped in front of me. And this was my favorite way to revise, at the bookstore, with my white mocha in-hand and mega chocolate chip cookie in-stomach.


  1. Mmm. That cookie sounds wonderful! I have been DYING for a good chocolate chip cookie for ages, but I am a chocolate chip cookie snob so this makes me very hard to please :P

    I admit that I do not work at the bookstore, but I DO pick up books and sit and read/peruse. Mostly Graphic Novels. regular novels I am more inclined to just BUY outright. And I do book shopping online and in the bookstore-- there is no beating the chance to just look at books on the shelf and see what cover/title catches your eye.

  2. *shifty eyes*

    Psssst. Your blog is working for me *gasps* *quickly covers mouth so as to not alert The Blog of my presence*


    I'm like you, I can spend hours in a bookstore. I used to just hit the history section and romance, but now I'm going to YA too. By the end I normally have sore arms from lugging around my picks all day lol

  3. I used to hang at bookstores with my hubby in the early days of our courtship and marriage. That all changed after the kidlets came, but every once in awhile I sneak off and hang, touch, read and dream. I never thought of putting my favorite books face front - I think I'll do that next time.

  4. I haven't been to a bookstore in awhile. *sniff, sniff* But I can get lost in there. Doesn't matter which section, though I gravitate toward YA eventually and spend a great deal of time there. Revising in a bookstore with a White Chocolate Mocha and a giant chocolate chip cookie sounds like heaven. Though I am drafting now and getting my own distance from Becoming. I could certainly draft in a bookstore. *eyes glaze over*

  5. I FLIP OUT MY FAV AUTHOR BOOKS TOO! Dude, we are like twin sisters, born years apart from different parents but the same DNA I'm sure of it. I also take the books that really disappointed me and turn their covers away.

    I hang out for hours at a book store when I can, just like you minus the sugar high (you know healthy me).

    I have never understood your love to revise until recently. KNowing how you want to change your book makes things so much better. And if twists of fate keeps whispering in your ear, you have to listen and revise it.