Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One-Word Answers, Awards, and My Crazy Life

I do not enjoy house hunting. No. I. Do. Not.

Buying our first home using the VA in lieu of down payment and qualifying for very little... not easy. The word grueling comes to mind. We are lucky though, because we have the most encouraging, most awesome realtor in the world. Even though we don't qualify for much, he treats us like we're on Million Dollar Listing. Such a great dude.

So I'm using the rain as an excuse to use my "down time" to relax in front of the blog... ahhhhh, that's soothing.

Here's what's in store for today: my attempt at award catch-up! And if I missed someone's award I am so incredibly sorry! I don't deserve it, sob!!

I believe this was from my darling Emily at the Chronicles of Emily Cross:

The Creative Writer Award!

Annnnnd... I don't remember the rules. Hee hee *blush* Okay, here are three blogs I think are creative, hopefully that'll do:

Author, Flutist, Teacher, Aubrie Dionne
Mary at Writer's Butt Does Not Apply to Me
A Squirrel Amongst Lions

Melissa at Chasing the Dream AND Kelly at Rants, Observations, and Other Remarks (and I think one other wonderful blog friend, eeeeek!! I can't remember and I'm so mean and sorry for that!!):

The Over the Top Award!


First, answer these questions with one word:

Your cell phone: Addicted
Your hair: Annoying
Your mother: Sad
Your father: Lost
Your favorite food: Fried
Your dream last night: Interrupted
Your favorite drink: Sweet
Your dream goal: Novelist
What room are you in: Bedroom
Your hobby: Writing
Your fear: Loss
Where do you see yourself in 6 years: Published
Where were you last night: Bachelorette
Something you aren't: Finished
Muffins: Tops
Wish list item: House
Where did you grow up: Miami
Last thing you did: Nebulizer
What are you wearing: Sweater
Your TV: Off
Your pets: Tortured
Friends: Understanding
Your life: Confusing
Your mood: Hopeful
Missing someone: Unfortunately
Vehicle: Dented
Something you aren't wearing: Shoes
Your favorite store: Bookstore
Your favorite color: Green
When was the last time you laughed: Today
Last time you cried: Today
Your best friend: Far
One place you go over and over: Imagination
Facebooking: No
Favorite place to eat: Beach

Now, pass it on to five blogs that are over the top!

*Diana scribbles a note to herself* "Must... pass... over the top award... on to five blogs..." Okay, if you haven't been tagged with this super fun Over the Top Award and want to do the answers, let me know!! I will add you to the award roll call.


Natalie at Sound of the Rain gave me:

The Happy Blogger Award!

Which I'd already received (you can read my happy things here) and I am "happy" to pass it on to anyone who's willing to post ten things that make them happy :)

And last, another one I'd received before (you can read my Ten Honest Things Challenge here), merci beaucoup Sesquipedalian! And again, since I've already passed out this award, I'll go ahead and challenge anyone who would like it to post ten honest things :)

The Honest Scrap Award! 

Wow, reading through those pre-house-hunting posts is like going back in time. *Heavy sigh*

Before I go, I leave you with something inspired by an email I sent Wendy. It's an excerpt from my frazzled life... or, how my days seem to go now that we're buying a house, and why I haven't been blogging so much:

  • wake up; 
  • do the usual morning craziness to get the kids to school on time; 
  • sometimes volunteer at one or the other's school (because that's the apparent point of being a stay-at-home mommy, or so I keep reminding myself); 
  • if no volunteering, then I go straight to faraway neighborhoods (because we can't afford L.A... or at least, any part of L.A. that we're willing to live in, so it's off into San Bernardino County I look); 
  • check out "the area" of possible houses; 
  • sometimes tour houses, sometimes look at nearby schools; 
  • pick up son from preschool; 
  • go home for "down time," aka eat lunch-give two-year-old his breathing treatment (takes 20 minutes, so I read while I sit with him)-catch up with housework-grocery shopping-maybe read a few blogs, or critique for my buddies, or tweet, or catch up on emails 
  • pickup eight-year-old from school (read for a few minutes in the parking lot while I wait!); 
  • get homework and dinner going; 
  • read to kids and listen to eight-year-old read; 
  • get kids bathed and ready for bed; 
  • spend the evening looking through the listings our realtor sends and catching up with the husband; 
  • spend one hour devoted to my wip;
  • read a bit before bed.
I am devoted to my writing. Sadly, if something's gotta give, it's gotta be my blog/tweeting/emailing. Hopefully I don't have to give too much more, because I miss you guys too! xoxoxo


  1. Wow! That's quite a collection, Diana. You deserve each one of them. :-)

  2. Congrats on all your awards. You've definitely got a full day. Social networks are what should go - it's okay - we just miss your hopeful blogs. I loved that your animals are tortured and that something you aren't is finished. Good luck on everything and thanks for the award - you're sweet.

  3. Now that's a lot of awards! Good luck in the house hunt. :)

  4. Man! You're definitely keeping busy! Congratulations on the awards!

    I'm kind of letting my blog suffer to get my revisions done, too, but I think it is worth the trade off! This is my little break before I dive back in :) FIVE CHAPTERS OR BUST!

    I think you've definitely got your priorities in order :)

  5. Thanks so much for this award, Diana! I feel so special. :)

  6. Congratulations on all those awards.

  7. Wow, congrats on all the awards! We all understand about being too busy to blog.
    I disliked house hunting too. Don't settle until you find one you love.

  8. Shannon- Thanks, they've been accumulating dust for a while now, I figured it was time to show them off :)

    Mary- Oh honey, thank you. I do miss my bloggy days, it just makes life so much more exciting having blog friends. I hope I don't lose too many while my life gets a little crazy.

    Anissa- I know, right? But some of these awards are reeeeally old!! Thanks for the good wishes... house-hunting, and sending out offers, is really hard :(

    Amlia- Hi! I think you've got your priorities straight too :) I try to hit a few blogs a day if I can, and spread the comments, but some days are tougher than others. Even commenting on my own blog takes a good ten minutes between all the clicking... and I could easily click away for an hour and barely get through ten blogs! Yeah, house-hunting first, writing second, blogging (sadly) last.

    Aubrie- I really enjoy your blog! I wish I had more time to comment on people's blogs but I always love reading yours. When I saw that about you designing your own covers I knew you were the right recipient of this creative award :)

    Medeia- Thanks :)

    Karen- Thanks, on the congrats and especially on the understanding. I can't help but feel a little bad. As for house-hunting, it would be a lot more fun if seeing the house you wanted, listed at the right price, meant you could actually BUY it, and NOT get outbid. I wish there was just a house cash register, and whoever has the right loan amount and sees the house first gets it. *kicks a can*

  9. Congratulations girlie. You deserve all of them--especially with that schedule! Hope you get a break soon.
    Winged Writer

  10. Girl, you gave me the happy award a few months ago, and I just posted it now, thank you again for it! :)


  11. Congrats on the awards! well deserved! Oh and thanks for popping by and leaving a comment, really nice of you, considering how busy things are. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

    Pity your Significant other isn't a time travellor - make looking around so much quicker ;)

  12. Congrats on all your awesome awards and I look forward to congratulating you on your new house too!

  13. Good luck with the house-hunting. That's definitely a hard job! I loved your one-word answers.