Monday, February 1, 2010

Mobile Blogging Test

I'm trying something. I'm writing a post from my phone. Supposedly when I hit send, this will be sent to the Coaster. Like magic. So bizarre.

This feels entirely intimate; like I'm sending an email to a friend. Here I am, waiting in my car at my eight-year-old's school (because I volunteered to work the book fair-- fun!), while my thumbs tap-tap-tap away, other parents chit-chat and have NO IDEA that I'm blogging.

It isn't Wednesday, but I have a random thought, and since this post feels entirely strange, here it is:

Why, WHY, didn't the people of Panem have a way of permanently removing unwanted body hair? Really, Suzanne Collins who-is-my-hero, they have hover crafts and bionic legs and heatless flames and invisible protective force fields... but they still use wax and razors to deal with this little problem? I can't wrap my head around it. Maybe it's just me, but if I had three selfish wishes, one would be permanent hairlessness from the neck down. What would one of your selfish wishes be?

Blogging from my phone... this will make things way too casual for me, I can see it already. Oh, and speaking of my Blackberry, does anyone know why I can't comment on people's blogs from my Blackberry? I can use the internet to read blogs, but the "Post a Comment" links never, ever work. Do I need to download a patch or something?

Dear blog friends, that's all my thumbs can handle for now. I hope this doesn't come out in a weird font or some other completely wacky way. I hope you're having a fabulous Monday! I'll be at my daughter's book fair all morning, encouraging young minds to buy books and not pencils, erasers and posters.
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  1. You had me cackling out loud. Hair removal should be a thing of the future. You are so cute with you random thoughts. Love the blackberry chat, feel free to do it anytime.

  2. LOL! That really is a random thought - but a good one. You are too funny! :-)

  3. Now I really want a Blackberry! I hope you find out about that posting a comment feature, that would put a real damper on things.

  4. Great thought! I read One Eye's blog post and thought it was really good and you've taken it even further.
    So fun to think of you sitting in your car secretly blogging.

  5. LOL! Now why didn't I think of that? Of course in the future everyone is supposed to be permanently hair-free (well, not on the head unless that is the style and I really hope they don't go there).

    Blogging on a how cool is that? Perhaps I will add one of those to my wish list!

    Oh, I also gave you an award at my blog;)

  6. LOL... You are so funny. I'd have only typed about 2 sentances from my blackberry. I don't like using the keyboard on it. It feels much less friendly.

    As for the selfish wish, yeah I wish I didn't have my diabetes.

  7. I have no blackberry. I want a blackberry. I know it will be a crackberry. But hey, stuff happens. At least I'll be on time picking up the kids and not sitting home and blogging just one more thing.
    Love the hair thing, too! Definitely some has got to go. Should have skipped all that funding for Viagra and just went straight to something useful.

  8. Gwoe- I knew it wasn't just me! Hairless futures for all who want them!

    Shannon- Glad I made you laugh. And it's true!!

    Tamika- Yes, I love my Blackberry. I still don't know about the comment issue, but it's very frustrating!!

    Mary- Haha, yes, the curling hair on her legs was a definite "showing" moment there.

    Melissa- Lol, you understand! Especially considering how vain they were, dying their skin different colors and everything.

    Void- GOSHHHH, Void it was supposed to be a selfish wish! Not having diabetes would definitely be added to a Nonselfish, Health and Welfare Wish List. In that case I'd wish for my kids not to have asthma.

  9. Judith- Hahahahaha!! Viagra, oh my gosh that is so funny!

    You will get a Blackberry, and you will LOVE your Blackberry, and you will hug it and squeeze it and call it George. (And if you do get one and ever figure out how to comment on people's blogs, I hope you let me know!)

  10. Oh my word, your posts make my day. Truly. I realized I had to ability to blog from my iphone as well, but my gorilla thumbs combined with the most inconvenient on-screen keypad makes even the thought of blogging on my phone repulsive--just imagine that headspinning, vomitrocious scene from the Exorcist, and that's pretty much what the inside of my head looks like when I think about that.'ve managed to do it so beautifully. How so, dear lady? I'm rather speechless (well, alright, obviously not, but that's a stupid cliche anyway).

    BTW, "permanent hairlessness from the neck down"--I so vote for this. I think we need to get a team of genius scientists on this STAT.

  11. My brain is on vacation right this second... or maybe you've swiped my share and it's at the book fair with you. All I can think of is that I'd dig hairlessness from the neck down. That is all.

  12. Huh. Never thought about the hair thing, but you are right.
    And looks like your thumbs did a great job. :)

  13. Ok fine... if I need to be more selfish, I'd love a 7 seater car so that my soon to be wife and I can take all the kids out in one vehicle when we need to go somewhere, instead of driving two vehicles everywhere.


  14. Perhaps Katniss just wasn't given the "full" treatment. I mean she isn't from the capital. Why would they give her the gift of hairlessness when they REALLY don't like her? Just sayin'...

  15. well there's always a need for to me test things.. haven't done the mobile blog or anything yet.

    there's always time.

  16. I agree with Tina. Maybe there are people with French customs living somewhere in Panem that object to the practice.

  17. Carolina- Woo hoo! Another vote for time-saving permanent hair removal! Could you imagine the freedom? Imagine going to the beach without the least thought about what "bottoms" you had to wear? Such bliss. Ha ha on your thumbs, mine are huge too, but my Blackberry has an actual, physical keypad. I won't go to a touchscreen because my husband has one, and every time I try to use it I write sentences THET LIOK LKEE THES. Frustrating!! I could never blog from that lol!

    Wendy- I did borrow the brain for today, sorry I forgot to give you a heads up (*snort*). I'm planning on taking a field trip to an indie bookstore tomorrow, mind if I have the brain again for a bit?

    Karen- Thanks, my thumbs appreciate the support. As for the hairless thing, I probably think about that TOO much!

    Void- Awww Void, you're so selfless and sweet :) Your "selfish" wish is a car for your family to ride comfortably in... you probably don't have a selfish bone in your body :)

    Tina- Hmm, this got my wheels turning UNTIL I remembered how they took away all of her scars and made her freaking PERFECT after she won the games. It's true, Cinna wouldn't let them enlarge her boobs, but if even if there were a technology or magic cream that would have permanently removed her hair, and let's say he hadn't let them do it (since she so lovingly loves to caress it), then WHY hadn't he mentioned it when he mentioned the boobs?? No, those Panem scientists have to step it up!! Wax and cloth strips, just like ancient Egyptians, yet they're THAT consumed with beauty?

    Shelby- Yes, testing things is good fun. And surprisingly, easy!

    Jonathan- Noooo!! Those French-types would simply elect not to have the permanent hair-removing procedure done, but ALL the stylists HATED Katniss' hairiness! Remember?? They couldn't believe how hairy she was, and started waxing her before they did anything else. And vanity reigns supreme, so it just makes me feel like their scientists are lazy... OR... the major corporations selling razors, wax, and hair removal supplies have bought out the technology. BOO-YEAH, truth!

  18. Very good point on the hair issue. Hmmm...Now I'm going to be pondering this all night!

  19. Okay, the French thing is a major stretch. But, are you referring to the whole pf Panem, regarding the permanent hair removal? If so, remember most of these people cannot afford food, how would hair removal of any kind be in their lives?

    If you are just referring to Ketniss, maybe we'll find out that she's part yetti in book three. SC will reveal that Big Foot was discovered in District Seven during the Great War and his line of genes was incorporated into the general population as a weapon from the Capitol.

  20. Anissa- I can tell you're a smart woman... I mentioned this to my sister-in-law, and she has the same secret wish! We conjured up some kind of hair-removal dip, where immerse ourselves in a tub (or dip specific body parts) and once we get out, *poof* hair is permanently gone! (Clearly, my sister-in-law and I went way too in depth on the issue).

    Jonathan- I'm not referring to all of Panem. All of Panem isn't concerned with body image the way the Capitol is, with all the funky hair colors and skin tinting going on. And the Capitol wouldn't bother sharing this technology anyway... I just mean it's strange that even after Katniss won The Games and they buffed her skin and removed every scar she ever had and all of that, it seems weird that they still only have razors and waxing as hair removal options. I haven't given the Katniss-as-yetti possibility... that WOULD be a twist!

  21. So cool! I've commented from my blackberry but never posted. For me, I have to push the button just above the one that says comment. It's like the link is not right on the button or something... dunno.

    Great post :o)

  22. My wish? A cool phone or blackberry from which I can blog too!

  23. LOL, oh I do, but I try very very hard to supress such urges... I lived most of my life very self centered, so now I'm trying to even the score.

    Ok, you want a selfish wish... here we go: I want an expensive drum set to put in an even more expensive recording studio so that I can play!!!

  24. My selfish wish would be my own copy of Catching Fire; I'm 10 out of 11 on the library holds list. You all are making me so jealous!

  25. Wow, Diana, it would have taken me two hours to post that much on my Blackberry. My fingers must be far too fat because I'm always typing on the wrong key and having to backspace and try again, and again to hit that one specific, tiny key.

    Oh, and I'd totally go for the hairless from the neck down thing.

  26. Hey hun! There's an award for you on my blog =)

  27. Okay that was supposed to be "upper lip". And now it's not as clever as I wanted it to sound. :)
    Winged Writer