Saturday, February 27, 2010

100th(ish) Awesome Blog Post Party!!!

We're leaving in a few minutes to meet with friends for a kid-free evening of talking, coffee, and dessert at a restaurant we've never tried, but looks like fun. Andy yes dear blog friends, I decided to spend a few minutes with you! 

However, my original topic got tossed to the curb, because when I logged in, I realized I missed my 100th post, and 100 posts is something to celebrate!!!! 

How could I let this happen? Apparently everyone in the blogosphere commemorates this milestone with a blog party! Well hey, I'm all for a party, let's do this! I've got streamers and confetti, there's deep fried cheese with cheese dipping sauce, a Nintendo system going on with everything from Mario Bros to Zelda, plenty of chocolate, a DJ playing an eclectic blend of OneRepublic, Green Day, Lady Gaga, Jesse McCartney, Shakira, and Linkin Park-- really you name it, it's playing! Don't forget to stop by the uber-sweetened beverage station!  pleeeeease stay and have fun!

This is my 103rd blog post, technically, but the Coaster isn't about technicalities, it's about... well let's not dwell on silly little details. It's my blog and I love it! And in keeping with blogosphere tradition, I'm hosting a special Diana Q & A. What DON'T you know about me after 100 blog posts, right?!! I'm sure you guys will think of something...
In return for being so awesome as to participate in my big 100th post celebration, I will bestow an award that I am inventing. This may not be legal (it most definitely isn't... aren't there blog award rules or something) however, this picture is freaking AWESOME!!!!!

So blog friends, ask a question, ANY question, and I officially bestow upon you the Awesome Award!

Yay!!!! 100 blog posts!!! Woo hoo, let's party!!!!! 
And thanks for being such awesome followers!


  1. Congrats on your 100th blog post! And that is an awesome picture! (for someone whose dogs are named Jedi and Leia) I love Star Wars!

  2. Okay. that is the best award on the face of the WORLD.

    Congratulations on reaching 103 blogposts! My question for you is: Who is your favorite Star Wars character and why?

    also: Favorite Mythological figure? and why!

    (am I allowed to ask two? Are they potentially the same question? ONLY YOU CAN DECIDE!)

  3. P.S. why was I not following you before now on Twitter?

  4. Yay! Congrats! I heart parties!! :))

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha! You are awesome! Congrats on your 103rd blog post.

    So...which is better - Star Wars or Star Trek?! :-)

  6. Congrats on your 103rd blog post!!!

  7. Congrats on reaching 100 posts. I loved everyone of them. That picture is freaking awesome!!! I want it - here is my question:

    Does your hubby like your writing?

  8. Thanks everyone! Sorry for the mass-reply, you know how it is with wild and crazy kids.

    I LOVE the questions so far!! I'll answer them Monday, so keep them coming!!!

    (And... wow, there were typos all over that post initally *blush*. That's what happens when I squeeze in a post right before leaving the house!)

  9. Woo-hoo congrats!!!!

    If you could be in ANY musical, what would it be, what character would you play, and why?

  10. Congrats on 100(ish) posts! I'm partying with you in my pajamas... at 2:00 in the afternoon. It's Sunday. The best day. :)

    Here's my question, and it's a two-parter.

    Have you always lived in Cali? If not, where are you from?

  11. Heh, you're adorable Di. Love the award thing-a-ma-bob.

    Hmm, a question...Is there a song, image, book, movie, etc... that inspires you more than all the others? Do you have one of each that has your Muse all excited?

  12. aw fun!

    What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you while traveling? (hehe wicked me)

  13. Congrats on the 103 posts!! Woo Hoo! Love the award ;o)

    Hmmm. What's the best idea you've ever came up with, but haven't written yet?

    *throws confetti* *realizes she has no idea how many posts she's had on her own blog*


  14. Congrats! And, my questions is - what has been your lowest moment and your highest moment when writing?

  15. Woot! Congratulations on your 100(103rd) post!! It is a milestone and hopefully one of many more to come.

    My question, is, IF you had to be stuck in an elevator for 4 hours with any 3 of your blogger friends, who would you chose to be stuck with. (I know I'm in there, but besides me, who would you choose lol)

  16. Yeah, over a hundred posts! Looooove the awesome award. I'm a little late but I'll ask a question anyway:

    What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

  17. I love that poster!

    My question: Your sidebar has six novels you've written or are working on. How long have you been writing? Have you queried before? Basically, what's your journey been like to this 100th post?

  18. Wow! Way to go! You really been busy. And since I'm posting after Elana, I have to echo her questions. Sum of the journey for us. What would be The Word if you could only use one?

  19. Dude, you had me at Green Day. (But congrats on the 100 posts!! Yay!)

    Okay, have I got questions for you.

    1. If you had it to do over again, would you go with an iphone?

    2. If forced--I'm talking, threat of needles in your eyeballs and lobster claws on your nose--to choose one of your WIPs as your #1 favorite, which one would it be, and why?

    3. Have you ever forced your child to eat something that you yourself hated as a child?

    4. What is one thing you said you would never do and ended up doing in the end?

    5. What is the biggest writing/publishing mistake you've made?

    6. Favorite type of cheese and what do you eat/drink with it?

    7. What is one thing you would sacrifice for hairlessness from the neck down for the rest of your life?

    8. Be honest. Do you like your 103rd blog post better than your 100th? On that note, what is your favorite blog post ever?

    9. If nobody were watching, what is one thing you would eat with your hands that you would normally otherwise eat with utensils?

    Okay, that's all I got....

  20. Oh, you meant only one question. Well then.

    Does this mean I get to claim your awesome award 9 times? Hmmm???

  21. Monday has come and gone, and you still haven't answered these questions!!!! ;o)

    Since I was invited to this party, I'm gonna play along and ask a question too.

    Would you like to buy a box of girl scout cookies??


    okay... here's my question:

    Peeta or Gale?

    wait, I know the answer to that too...

    let me try again...

    If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go?

    I think I already know, but you may surprise me.