Saturday, December 19, 2009

Seven Truths, Awards, and a Tag!

I am incredibly behind on all these awards, but I do appreciate them and love the love! Before I get to award time though, I WAS TAGGED! Stephanie Damore tagged me with THIS fun meme, and even though I'd already done it (read my answers HERE), Stephanie has great answers and everyone should take a peek. PLUS she is having a party!! We're all invited, so head to her uber easy-to-use chat room (here's the link) on Monday, Dec. 21st at 9pm. Fun! Thanks Stephanie!

Award time! Sooo many this week... awww, can I steal Shannon Messenger's "blug" and blog-hug you guys? You're sweethearts and I feel the love. So much love! 

The Superior Scribbler Award

Award number one comes from the darling Tina Lynn at Sweet Niblets (don't you love that blog title? Niblets makes me smile). She awarded me with the Superior Scribbler AND-- this is how behind I am-- she also awarded me with the Blogging Writer Award. Wow, that one is really kind. Thank you Tina!! Your awesomeness humbles me. I'm so glad we found each other through the glorious Wendy, and that we share not only white mochas and the love of Disneyland, but something truly important... the love of Reeve. (For those of you who don't follow Wendy's blog, you are missing out! And if you don't follow Tina's, what are you waiting for? Go on, check out these blogs, they rock).

For the Scribbler I'm supposed to nominate up to five blogs. They are:

Stephanie Damore because she has useful, funny posts that I read even if I'm too busy. She has the type of voice that comes through in every post... I hear her and she sounds like fun!

Kate at Misadventures in Spelling because she is on the fence about whether to make her blog "just" another writing blog, and I'm here to push her over... even if it becomes a writing blog, it will be special because it will be yours! (Join us, Kate )

Liza at Middle Passages because she always puts up descriptive posts that I can tell have been carefully crafted.

The Blogging Writer Award

And for the Blogging Writer Award, also from Tina Lynn (again, I am horrifically behind in my blogging), I'm supposed to choose bloggers who I admire greatly due to their superior writing ability.

I've seen enough flashes by Gwoe and Nevets to know they deserve it, and Shannon's blog is full of awesomeness. If I wasn't so crunched for time I would link more, but for now I reserve the right to redo this award with a much longer list later on :)

My nominations:

There are more, but I am reeeeeeally behind on all these, and I have to keep moving forward. Okay, on to the next one...

The Silver Lining Award

Another award, and one I'm extremely honored to accept because Emily from the Chronicles of Emily Cross created a brand new award called The Silver Lining Award, and I'm included in the very first batch of award recipients. Some of my verrrry ancient followers may know this, but most probably don't... Emily was the very first person to comment on my blog, and she holds a special place in my heart. Thank you Emily!

So I'm supposed to nominate five other uplifting blogs that find a silver lining even on those gray days, and here they are:

Tina at Sweet Niblets- Her posts are funny and whether she's serious or silly, she's always uplifting.

Julie at Silver Lining- Her blog is called Silver Lining! Can't get more deserving than that!

Shannon at Book Dreaming- She is super positive and I can't think of a post that isn't cheerful and uplifting.

Karen at Karen Amanda Hooper- Her sweetness shines through every post, and her encouraging comments always make me smile.

Natalie at Sound of the Rain-  Even when life hits her hard, she always sounds like she's smiling through it all. 

From Me to You Award

Okay, ANOTHER award, the last one... and it's a double-whammy from BOTH Shannons! Shannon Messenger at Ramblings of a Wannabe Scribe and Shannon O'Donnell at Book Dreaming awarded me with the From Me to You Award (I think it's also going around as the "Picaso" award). I am set with the task of nominating seven blogs and revealing seven truths about me you don't already know. Oh, em, gee, you guys know EVERYTHING about me! What more could I reveal? Okay, I will try.

(And click away you if want to see my "Ten Honest Things" or the other one, "Ten Things You Didn't Know")

1. I just beat the Temple of Time in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. What?! Diana plays video games? No, because I have no time. But I would! Too bad, so sad. After I post this I've got two boys to bathe and a load of laundry to fold AND a pile of shirts to iron. Not to mention I like reading and writing more than video games... but every now and then I'll sit with my daughter and get into some Zelda action. And yeah, I kick butt.

2. I'm addicted to Survivor. I've watched since Australia! My husband want Brett to go all the way but I keep rooting for Russell. (The husband hates Russell).

3. Some of my all-time favorite books: Bridge to Terabithia, The Once and Future King, The Chronicles of Narnia, Immortal Instruments, Anne of Green Gables, a lot of Shakespeare, a lot of Jane Austen, Both Sides of Time, A Wrinkle in Time, The Hobbit (LotR was too bulky), Ella Enchanted, Fifteen, The Beginning Place, The Secret Garden... okay this was a bad idea. I could go on forever.

4.  I love to bake; I hate to cook, clean, sew, garden, knit, or do most other domestically-inclined activities. But my baking is pretty rockin.

5.  I've written stories since before I knew what an author was, and I narrate people... like right now. I didn't know what to write for number five so I looked over and saw my son, and my head automatically goes, "The boy flicked the bed with his hands as he rolled from side to side. Like a log. A destructive log of mayhem. He rolled down the side, pulling down the covers as he slid to the floor and onto the pile of folded laundry. Now it would have to be refolded and the bed was a mess." 

6.  I ran out of ideas. And five was pretty weak. I'll tell you a daydream: Getting up in the morning and going to the library or Starbucks to write. No interruptions. Nobody asking me for more juice. Nobody making comments about piles of laundry. Repeating this four days a week. Ha. Ha. Ha.

7.  Man I must really want this. Okayyyy.... to make up for my generally lame answers, I'll give a few truths in this one: in high school I had a spiral perm; I speak fluent but grammatically questionable Spanish; I took three years of French and I only wish I was fluent; and I don't know what else. I love trying new foods.

And the seven nominees are:

1. Void at Voidwalker

Oh my gosh, I am running out of steam! Okay, who else wants to reveal seven truths? I will add you to the award link list. This award is officially up for grabs! There are four spots left people... maybe your sidebar is a little thin on the awards? Let me know in the comments if you want it, or tell us seven things about yourself, whatever you like. 


  1. Diana,
    The more I learn about you the more frightened I become. I had a spiral perm in high school and I took three years of French. We also share a daydream. Scary. Oh, and thanks for the awesomely kind words. Reeve. *Le sigh*

  2. Congrats on all the awards!!! Also, my level of stalking you has drastically increased after reading your list of fave books. Narnia? Wrinkle in Time? The Secret Garden? Green Gables? LOVE LOVE LOVE

  3. Ooh. Nice info and thanks for the shout out :) I'll try to get my info up when I have a bit more time to post, but it might not be till Monday.

    Have a great rest of your weekend. I'm really glad I have such awesome people like yourself, following my blog :)

  4. Thanks so much for the award and the kind words about me and my blog! You are too sweet! ;-) It's funny - you aren't the only one who was double awarded by me and the other Shannon. It seems we Shannons think alike! ;)

  5. Thanks, Diana. I appreciate it! Speaking of Flashy, I've been absent for a week because of work and it's killing me. I need to go catch up. lol :)

  6. Awe shucks, you're like an extra big chunk of cookie dough in my ice cream. Thank you.

    Look at you, holding all the awards. Your little side bar is busting out of the seems with goodness and for good reason too. ;)

  7. Congratulations on your awards. And I narrate people too!! (She typed as the cider candle flickered nearby.)

  8. Congrats on all of the awards! And thank you so much for mine and for the shout out :) Really touched :)

  9. Wow, good for you on all those awards, and thank you kindly for including me in such talented company! Just drove two hours in driving snow to get home from the kick off of Christmas and it was wonderful to arrive to an award. Whew! I envy you your California weekend snow choice.

  10. Aw, gee Diana, you're too sweet. Congrats on all the awards (doesn't it make you feel loved?). And thanks too for the party shout out and kind words. Can't wait to party tomorrow night!

  11. Tina- oh my gosh yes!! I feel the same way, we so need to meet up at Disneyland and have a churro!

    Sara- Oh a kindred spirit :) Those books have a special place on my bookshelf. And another Narnia fan? So awesome!

    Void- You are too kind! Take all the time you need, believe me I understand. Plus, it's hard to think of things after you've done these awards a few times!

    Shannon O.- Awww, you're welcome. And it looks like great Shannons think alike!

    Nevets- Oh man I haven't been on Flashy in forever. I miss it too!!

    Gwoe- I know, right?! The awards are going crazy over here! Thanks though, and you definitely deserve the cupcake award sweetheart.

    Catherine- You're welcome! And ha ha on the narrating (or the voice in my head. Either way!).

    Emily- Your award is really special, and the shout out is well-deserved. You do so much with The Writer's Chronicle forum and blog, and with The Book Bundle-- thank you!

    Liza- Holy smokes, that doesn't sound like fun at all! I do appreciate my southern Cali elective snow days even more now! Stay warm!

    Steph- I DO feel loved with all these awards... I'm all warm and fuzzy :) And I am so excited about your party! I might make myself a Roy Rogers and put on a sparkly tiara for the occasion.

  12. Um, hello? I don't think there is anything over here about a kiss. You busy or what man? Give me my 17 year old angst! I want kissing, I want kissing, I want kissing. (like my protest chant)

    Okay, post a kiss when you can. I know you're unplugged but you promised us a kiss. You can't let your fans down.

  13. So does that mean I can "officially" put the cupcake award on my blog?

  14. Ha ha Gwoe, I almost missed this comment but my Blackberry blipped and it was you! What my Gwoe wants, she gets! I had the nuttiest day today but finally got my kiss up, and even though I felt sad that I was so late (everyone else seemed ready to go at the break of dawn) at least I didn't miss it!

    Oh YES you get that cupcake! I think I've called you cupcake at least fifty times in emails! (ahem) I officially bestow upon Gw/1i, aka Gwoe, aka GwOE, aka the cutest squirrel on the blog, the You're the Sweetest Award! (I totally plan to do this in a post after the holidays, but you HAVE to put the award up sooner!).

  15. I'm such a slacker this week. I JUST saw this award. Thank you so much. I LOVE the silver lining award. :) Congrats to you on all the fab awards. You deserve them.