Thursday, November 26, 2009

Reasons to Celebrate: It's Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Yes, no surprise to some of you, I took the kids to Disneyland this week. There were no Thanksgiving-themed decorations, so I give you Mickey in all his holiday cuteness.

Is anyone else COMPLETELY swamped this week? I keep sending my kids' school the stinkeye, because their school made this entire week a holiday. Aren't we frazzled enough trying to get all this holiday magic to happen-- especially those of us with "people" coming over-- without having bored kids fighting and arguing all the live-long day? I'm in favor of school. a) It's educational, b) they have people with whistles to break up arguments (maybe that's what I need. A whistle...), and c) the kids come home mentally exhausted-- PLUS school sends homework to keep them busy at home. I miss sending them to school. Yay for Mondays! (Can you just see my kids' glaring faces as I cheer them off to school?).

But this is Thursday, and as loyal followers might know, we do happy shiny shout outs on Thursdays-- woot woot! Here are some of mine:
  • It's Thanksgiving! There will be pie. Oooh, is anyone else in favor of a backwards Thanksgiving? It could be an all-pie feast! With turkey and green bean casserole for dessert. I don't know about you all, but by the time we roll out dessert, everyone is so full they say things like, "I couldn't possibly have pie-- oh, maybe a sliver." I'm ready to cut to the chase. Give me the pie first and I'll have a sliver of turkey.
  • A Rejection-Free Disneyland Day! Some of you may know about my Rejection-at-Disneyland, (it isn't a very long piece of backstory, but click HERE if you want to reminisce with me... ahh, good times). This may be the only downside, and I mean ONLY downside to Blackberry: mobile rejections. However, once you've taken the big R standing in line at the Happiest Place on Earth, you can pretty much roll with ANY rejection and keep moving forward. So I say, Blackberry rocks! (See? Notice it's still positive. It counts-- neeners).
  • A Surprise Party! Surprise birthday parties for adults are so awesome. My good friend's party was last weekend and I think my favorite part was the moment right BEFRORE the unsuspecting birthday girl walked through the door, where all these adults hid and giggled like little kids. It's so rare to see adults with genuine joyful gleams in their eyes. (Psst. Hey good friend, [who reads this blog but has never set up an account to become a Follower. That's okay, it's cool] you're getting a blog post mention! Yes, it took me long enough, but I couldn't find a way to work in sweet bread and coffee mornings. The surprise party was golden).
Okay everybody, don't be shy. What happened in the last week that made you smile?  Share your good news! No announcement too small! No exclamation point too over-the-top!!!!! If it made you smile it's worth sharing, because positivity is what the Coaster is all about. :)


  1. Ooh... well, last week I went away for a couple of days with my boyfriend, which was really nice. And he stayed over here the other day on his way home from work, so again, nice :-)

    And today I finally got told what day I'm flying to France! Yay!

  2. Today a friend brought me flowers and with the help of my mother-in-law we planted tulip bulbs on my dog's grave.

    Happy Thanksgiving Diana!

  3. I'm grateful for my Dad. My sister and I usually clean his house once a month, and yesterday he gave us a nice bonus. Now to find a babysitter so I can go shopping:)

    I was soooo thankful that my oldest kids had two days of school this week. They griped about it being a waste of time, but I was cheering!!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! I like your idea about a reverse Thanksgiving feast. Bring on the pie. I am with my parents for Thanksgiving, so that's something to make me smile.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Diana!

    Today I got to spend Thanksgiving with my wonderful husband, all three of my children, my beautiful grandson and my mother. Having all my favorite people together at one time, along with 4 kinds of pie and a big, tasty turkey) gave me plenty of reasons to smile.

    Plus, I absolutely trounced my mom and my oldest son at Super Scrabble.

  6. Well, I'm not sure how I managed to get a closed paren, but not an open one there. Eh, it's late and I'm full of turkey and pie.

  7. The teenagers and twenty-somethings did ALL the Thanksgiving dishes (and it was a large crowd this year)!!

  8. Gapyear- I love hearing about boyfriend/girlfriend love... so sweet :) And you have a trip to France coming, that's right! I love-love-love trips! France is on my dream list for sure. I don't know about you, but the anticipation of a big trip is almost as fun as the trip itself for me. I can't wait to hear all about it!

    Mary- I love tulips. My mom had tulips on her table today, and at the end of the day they closed up. I must sound like such a city girl (I am one. Big time), but I didn't know flowers opened and closed at night after they'd been cut. And that's lovely that you put them at your dog's grave. Your dog must have been very special. I know ours are to us.

    Melane- Awww, your dad sounds like a big sweetheart :) I'm jealous that your kids had a couple of days of school this week! Waste of time or not, when my kids are home during the week they're bonkers!

    Angie- Yes, bring on the pie! I could only eat half my slice of pie. No one wanted to go for my reverse Thanksgiving feast! So today I'm making up for it :) Have fun with your parents!

  9. Sesquip- Does ANYONE stand a chance against you at Scrabble? It would be like playing Risk with a five-star general, or Clue with a killer who has a liking for unusual weapons. Words are your expertise :) And that's so sweet that you got to spend Thanksgiving with all your kids and family. Four kinds of pie? Pumpkin, apple, pecan... hmm, do share!

    Liza- That. Is. Awesome! Your family has a good group of young adults. I was such a brat as a teenager, now I look back and wish I'd have done dishes and helped out more.

  10. My town always has a party the day after Thanksgiving. Everything is free, so we got to pet camels, go on pony rides, watch fire dancers/fire eaters, eat cotton candy, churros, chestnuts, roasted marshmallows, go on rides, climbing wall, all amidst hundreds of twinkling Christmas lights... it was absolutely magical. My kids are already counting down until next year.

  11. Oh wow Bethany, that sounds so fun. I love when members of a community come together like that. Especially when free churros are involved, yum :)

  12. That does sound awesome, Bethany. (I also can be had for the mere price of a free churro.)

    So, Diana, next week you'll stop slacking off and actually post, right?

  13. Hi Wendy! Yes maam, that was the plan. I was trying to see how far I could push this "holiday" thing.

  14. i love it when schools make the whole week a holiday! hahahahahahhaha!