Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Newsday!

This isn't an official part of my blogweek, but there is some fantastic news that must be shared!

Suzette Saxton announced on Shooting Stars that she is now an agented author! Click HERE to read about her offer from Brendan Deneen at Fineprint Literary!

Perhaps some of you recall how the lovely Bethany Wiggins, also from Shooting Stars recently received an offer of representation from Marlene Stringer at Stringer Literary (read about it HERE if you missed it). These two sisters are both shooting stars... congratulations Bethany and Suzette!


  1. Yay Suzette and Bethany. See--it does happen!

  2. Diana, you have to be the sweetest friend in the world! Thank you so much for blogging about Bethany and I and our good news. I was so surprised to find it. You have totally made my day!

  3. Holy crap!!! I feel like a celebrity *blushing*. You gave me butterflies in my stomach. Thanks!!!

  4. Hi Anne! That's why I love reading/sharing this kind of news :) It DOES happen :) :)

    Suzette, now I'm all starstruck that you came over. Even before your wonderful news, I've lurked on Querytracker for so long you feel famous to me :)

    Bethany, you ARE a celebrity to me! I always get excited when you comment... I know that your agent will sell your book and I get flustered imagining that you'll have stopped by on my blog back when things first "started" for you :)

    I look forward to doing Book Talks for both of you someday :) :) :) :) All the best!