Thursday, October 8, 2009

Reasons to Celebrate! And Ten Things You Didn't Know About Me

I managed to squeak in five pages in my manuscript this week, yay! Also there's winning The Maze Runner from The Literary Girls, double yay! And finally, an award from Charity over at Thoughts...By Charity Joy Bell. Thank you Charity!

This award looks both fun and daunting, and I'm always up for a challenge. For anyone who wants this award, I tag you and you can have it! That's right, anyone and everyone-- but you have to play the game. Post ten true things either here or on your blog... things that your blog-readers might not already know. 

Here are the bloggers who accepted the challenge:

Where Ladybugs Roar (by Wendy Sparrow)

And here are mine:

1.   If I could have any superpower, it would be the ability to freeze time.

2.   I've been to the medieval times dinner show twice and spent years obsessed with that era, as well as Regency England, the Renaissance, Victorian England... pretty much any time period that involved long gowns, courtliness, feasts, or corsets.

3.   I am the worst plant-grower ever. There are no plants in my home or on our patio, I am guaranteed to kill them. The same goes for noiseless animals (like fish. Sorry Princess Aurora).

4.   In college I worked as a summer camp counselor for three years. (This was an indoor/playground-type place. No camping involved).

5.   In that summer camp, I couldn't drive my group on field trips because I failed the depth-perception eye test. All the circles looked the same to me! Another counselor had to drive us around.

6.   Probably partly because of number 5, I am the most uncoordinated ball catcher or thrower ever, and I've always been terrible at sports involving balls. That's almost every sport there is!

7.   I had free satellite radio, but now it's gone and I miss it like CRAZY! Boo to commercials and talky DJs.

8.   I decided to cut back on my coffee, and it isn't as hard as I thought it would be. My goal is to only drink it socially. Or if I'm in a bookstore.

9.   At the end of ninth grade, my family moved from Miami Beach to L.A. and I decided, then and there, that I would find my way into the "In" crowd. I'd grown out my hair by this point, but in Miami the brand of dorkdom had been too strong to erase. In L.A. I spent my first three days of school observing, trying to figure out who the nicer-yet-still "cool" kids were, then I befriended them (this was surprisingly easy), and by Senior year I was in cheerleading and student government (the equivalent of social success in my mind), and I had friends. Wow! (And if you knew me in Miami, you would be getting up off the floor from a dead faint in about a minute).

10.   While living through the whole social transformation thing, and because of my debilitating fear of being thrown back into the world of outcasts from where I'd come, I stopped reading completely. I still wrote stories during class while pretending to take notes, but none of my new friends EVER read (this was before YA was big). I gave up a lot of myself to keep up my new persona. Sometimes though, I'd chit-chat with two bookworm-type girls and I'd feel my real, inner-self yearning to break free. By the time I started college I realized I could be myself and still make friends. A life lesson learned :)

There ya go, ten things you all didn't know about me. I've officially earned my Honest Scrap Award! If you'd like it, it's yours with my compliments, but you gotta pay your dues and post ten true things about yourself that your blog-readers don't already know, bwahahahaaa!


  1. Fun posting Diana - I took up the challenge on my blog writer's butt.

    I am a terrible plant grower too. I never did make it into the In Crowd - I just pretended my group of friends was the In Crowd and we had a great time.

  2. Ooh I'm heading over to check out your ten things!!

    And see, at least you had a "crowd" to begin with. Pfft!

  3. We were twins again up until number four. I have a "black and wither up and die" thumb.

  4. I've used the term "black thumb" regarding myself. Maybe if I use the whole phrase, "black and wither up and die" thumb, my well-meaning relatives will stop giving me plants to "liven up" my home.

  5. Weird. I did it, but the picture didn't show up after I posted. What did I do wrong?

  6. Fun post. I love your 10 things.

  7. Oh, interesting list. Especially #9!

  8. Hi Wendy, I enjoyed your 10 things. As for the picture, it's not exactly straight-forward. You have to upload the picture to your site :)

    Thanks Angie!

    Hi Corey, thanks!

  9. You need to write a book about number nine! I loved reading your ten things. And congrats on becoming a social coffee drinker.

  10. And by the way, my thumb is green. My flower gardens are beautiful. So are my vegetable gardens! It is hard to see the cold weather killing everything.

  11. Hi Bethany! Ha ha on writing about number 9, and wow on your veggie garden. I'm impressed! I bet you have great soups and salads with fresh vegetables. My poor family gets the frozen stuff!

  12. I agree with Bethany #9 seems like a great YA story

  13. I'd have to go along with the others, Diana. I think that #9 would make a fantastic YA story. :)

  14. Mary and MM (Sesquipedalian)-

    This was too long for a mere comment. So I blogged!

    Diana :)

  15. Hey girl....I am obsessed with that era, too....all those gorgeous dresses and shoes and hats and feathers and pearls and bracelets....siiiighhhh...and the rooommmaaannnnceeee.... huh???? Tell me about it!!! I love the Renaissance!!! Medieval!!! Woot for poofy dresses, baby!!!! :))

  16. LOL!! Woot indeed!

    Thanks for the award and the great comments, as always :)