Friday, October 16, 2009

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!!!

The magistrates, having read through comments on today's edition of Nathan Bransford's Blog, see a discrepancy in the law regarding the "Coaster's Very First Contest Ever". There is a quandary of significant significance, being that one "Diana Paz," if that is even her real name, did not specifically specify what constituted an entriable entry in the 3rd S-o-A SUFPC, hereby known as the Nathan Contest. Did she mean, how many official entries would be entered? Or did she mean, how many comments would be entered? Why didn't she take the exemplary example of Nathan Bransford's blog and post very clear, very official-looking Roman numeraled rules? Did she realize that referring to herself in the third person and asking rhetorical questions was highly annoying? The magistrates await her response.

Peeps! The magistrates have me wrung up with all these technicalities! I didn't go to law school, (that's Reason Number 78 of the hundred reasons why I'm looking for an agent), so I flaked on putting up contest rules (that's why I am worthy of yesterday's award). I see that although there were 2,651 COMMENTS posted on Nathan's Contest, according to Nathan's own comments today, there were somewhere between 2,400 and 2,500 ENTRIES! The magistrates say I didn't specify specifically and all that other hoopla, and that means I have no choice but to give up my other, equally regal faux-ermine cloak and just as brilliant jewel-encrusted scepter! But only for the whole of one day, thank goodness. I would feel naked without both the cloaks on, and as for the scepters, a girl has two hands for a reason. 

In summary: we have two winners!!!!! 

I have magicked the second set of my everyday wear over to Wendy Sparrow at Where Ladybugs Roar, who guessed 2,350 entries and is clearly the winner of Official Entries, (Wendy will a thousand per cent feel bad when she finds out the magistrates put me through all this trouble, but justice is justice), and I had already magicked over the first set to Melane at Chasing the Dream this morning, who guessed 2,500 entries and is also the clear winner of How Many People Entered Comments. Congratulations to you both, hear ye, hear ye! And please remember to sign the waivers regarding the rarely permanent side effects of wearing/using the cloak and scepter; speaking in Old English and being a teensy bit pompous, thank ye thank ye! And now, the proclamations!

The Coaster's Very First Contest Winners
(in random, equally important order)

And naturally I will put up the same special bonus for Wendy that I did for dear Melane: three of my favorite posts from her blog.

The Three Very Best Posts at Wendy's Blog, to date, in Diana's Humble Opinion:

And in case you don't scroll down to people's older posts, here are...

The Three Very Best Posts at Melane's Blog, to date, in Diana's Humble Opinion:

Alright, alright, life goes on. Another reminder that I'm skipping Book Talk tomorrow to go camping, this time due to the peer pressure of campy friends and the cuteness of our hopeful, squishable kids (the boy feels it's fair that he gets to see what camping is like. Regrettably, I see his point). But then that's it. No more camping for a full 12 months!


  1. I am ever so grateful for my prize! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  2. You're quite welcome, Melane, and the cloak looks ravishing on you. Thanks for entering... commenting... both :)

  3. You're hilarious, Diana. You weren't going to need your cloaks or scepters this weekend anyway, though. (It's tacky to take your scepter camping.)

    Have a good time. I'm about to go clean until my head explodes. Sigh.


  4. Hey... does this faux ermine cloak make my butt look big?

    I nominated you for an award over in my blog. Hope you're having a good weekend.

  5. Hi Wendy! I'm back and you're right it might have been tacky to take the scepter. I can't help but wonder if it might have come in handy for roasting weenies though.

    For the record, faux-ermine is very slimming :)

    Thanks for the award, I'll head over to your place asap!