Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Camping, Reading and General Laziness

I offer today a random and abrupt post because... I guess my sub-header says it all, right? My blog is about anything, and I like books. I downloaded the pictures from the camping trip my family took and I thought I'd share a little-- and yes, I said camping. In the actual woods. At the top of a mountain. Not in a campsite because my brother led this little expedition and he likes roughing it. He wanted to go to the way tippity-top of Big Bear, as far as the road would take us. If you know me in real life you may be surprised that I went through with this adventure because, let's just say sleeping in dirt, "roughing it" and the whole wilderness lifestyle aren't my thing. But, my kids had a blasty-blast and I definitely enjoyed the reading time. Care to see the reading time? Here it is:

The Reading Time at the Top of Big Bear Mountain
Those with keen eyesight will notice
a can of Cherry Coke beside me. 
It was a very necessary part of the adventure. 
So was my Nook.

This tree was so tall. Enormous! I kept looking up into the branches, wondering how something could reach so high... be so perfectly made and complicated and simple all at once. I felt compelled to take a picture so I wouldn't forget what it felt like to peer up into those twisted branches. So, I stood up and took a picture. Here it is:

The Underside of the Enormous Tree I Liked to Sit Beneath

My mom caught me taking this picture and she asked if I would take a picture of the underside of the tree with her own camera, so I took one for her as well. As I was taking the picture, my mom nabbed my camera and took a picture of me as I was taking the above picture. And here it is:

A Picture of Me While I Was Taking a Picture of the Underside of the Enormous Tree

Doesn't the first picture make it seem like I was much closer to the branches? When in reality, I was much farther down. Pretty cool. 

So, what book held me so enthralled that I spent the majority of my camping adventure beneath a tree? Nether by Jason Beymer. He's also the author of Rogue's Curse, an adventure story I adore to pieces. Because I consider this blog YA-oriented I won't be writing a Book Talk --neither of these books are YA whatsoever-- but both are fabulous, well-written and vulgar in the funniest way. If you decide to check them out, make sure you're using your grown-up eyes. I only rarely review books on Amazon, but I enjoyed these books so much I reviewed them both; you can check out my thoughts at the links above. 

I hope you're all enjoying your summer as it's winding down. I suppose I should have announced, like last year, that I'm on a semi-hiatus... except this year I didn't shut down my entire blog and switch it to private-only (I consider it a miracle I didn't! But this year I kept up, mostly. At least, I posted once or twice a month so I think I did all right for summertime laziness). I'll be back in the fall; have a great end to your summer, everyone!