Monday, October 17, 2011

On Hiatus. Again!

I was going to wait until the holidays to go on hiatus, but life is so busy! Between my three little pumpkins' birthdays all in October, I feel like it's wham-birthay planning! Wham--Halloween costumes! Wham-wham-wham--Thanksgiving! Christmas! New Year's! *wipes her brow* It's enough for me to want to hibernate until January!

I'll be unplugging from social media altogether, and hopefully I can spend that extra time focusing on working on a new WIP! In the meantime, rather than have my blog sitting sad and empty until I'm ready to come back, I'm going to be taking it down next week. Heyyy, does this sound familiar to anyone? She may have done this once before. :P

I hope everyone's having a happy autumn! *hugs to all*

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