Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Writing Spot, Come See

Hi all. Today I'm sharing my writing spot. It's also my reading spot and napping spot, my emailing and chit-chatting and listening to music spot; it's my everything spot. As Superhusband says, I live here. He often wonders if I ever move from my spot other than to do what's absolutely necessary. Ha! Not if given the choice!

I love-love-love my spot. *hugs it and squeezes it and calls it George* It's a place without television, near a window, with a Cherry Coke nearby and it has the comfiest chair in the house. Technically, it's not chair, but a microfiber sofa that's extremely squishy. One side has a chaise and oddly, I never use it! The chaise is the most comfortable part of the sofa but I prefer the side near the window.

It's hard to show how incredibly velvety soft and cushiony this sofa is, but you should definitely believe me. It's like sitting in the lap of a giant, huggable teddy bear.

In my peripheral vision, or if I tilt my head to the side (and I always tilt my head to the right when I tilt it to the side), there is a bookcase. This bookcase is usually missing books, for several reasons. Friends stop by and see what new books I have, and also, I tend to leave books tucked away in places around the house. At the time of this writing there is a book on the little table behind me near my Cherry Coke. There's one in my car for when I wait for the kids after school. There's one on my nightstand. There's one in the breakfast nook by the big window that looks onto my back yard.

I almost always read several books at once, depending on mood and location. And here's where the books all go when I'm done:

Most of the time though, I look straight up when I'm lost in thought. And when I look up, this is what I see:

I prefer my window with sheer curtains blurring the view outside. Occasionally, very rarely, someone might open the blinds and pull back the curtains, and here is what I see then:

Without the gauzy material hazing my vision, the world is a little too bright. It's too crisp and real. It makes my eyes blink away and I'm pulled out of the world inside my mind. It's too abrupt a transition, so the curtains stay down.

And now I share a final picture.

It was supposed to be a cheesy photo of me as a "writer." I'd been priming myself to sit with my eyes on the screen and my hands on the keyboard, one earbud in (I always leave the other earbud out during the day, in case the kids or Superhusband need me). It was supposed to be the official writerly stance... but... two issues. First, I feel like a weirdo posing for a picture by myself. Second, I misunderstood my camera, and I thought I'd set it to a 20-second timer when I'd really set it to two seconds!! So, here I am, believing that I have 20 seconds to situate myself, and trying to see which earbud is right and which is left (because that is SO important when setting up an artificial "posed" picture). I did manage to take other pictures with the proper 20-second timer, but 20 seconds is a long time! By the time the camera took the picture, I'd have a weirdo half-smile on my lips, and I almost always glanced up at the camera to check if I'd set it after all... I just ended up looking like a creep staring up from my computer. So, I'm including my accidental picture instead.

It seems a more honest portrayal of my writer-stance than the posed ones, anyway; I spend much more time thinking and figuring things out than I do anything else when I'm sitting here.


  1. Love your sunny spot! I have a summer spot and a winter spot, since one room is warmer than the other.

  2. Nice pictures!! Your spot looks really comfy =)

  3. Liza- Hi there! That's smart to have two spots... mine does get chilly in winter but I end up bundling up in cozy blankets. ^_^

    Natalie- Hugs and thanks! Yes, my spot -is- really comfy. *snuggles into her spot*

  4. Hi Karen, it's been forever and a half! Thanks, I do love my spot. :D

  5. I have a recliner that is much like your squishy sofa. Love your spot and you are gorgeous sitting there deep in thought. :)
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  6. Aww thanks Catherine! You're a doll and a multi-talented one at that. :) *zooms off to see if Catherine has any new artwork up on her blog*

  7. What a great spot! And I love your natural picture. :-)

  8. Substitute that Cherry Coke for a cup and steaming hot coffee...then it would be a writers heaven!! Thanks for sharing.

    PS. I like your 2 second shot! :)

  9. Jessica- Thanks! *cuddles into her spot* And hey, I hadn't been to your blog for a while, I forgot how adorable your layout is!

    DL- Ha!! I'm so happy you came by... prompting me to swing by your blog and read your awesome post! F-bomb it, yeah! *ahem* As for coffee, I do love coffee but can't Cherry Coke also be a part of writer's heaven? I think I'm making a declaration of some kind... Yes. On my blog, coffee and Cherry Coke hold equal standing as a heavenly writer beverage. :D

  10. You are so super adorable. *squeezes Di*

  11. *squeezes Tina back* So are you, Princess Tina.