Saturday, September 17, 2011

DNAwriters and Five Random Things

Today I send you to my post at the DNAwriters Blog... but first I'll share five random things:

1. It's drizzling this morning and that puts me in a readerly mood. I have a sad lack of new books, though.

2. The last thing I munched on before bed was also the first thing I munched on this morning: chocolate chip cookies. I may or may not be having another at the moment.

3. I'm checking my snail-mailbox daily for my arc of SHIFTING by Bethany Wiggins. *stares out the window for the mail truck to come by*

4. Yesterday I asked my six-year-old how his day went at school and he answered, "Today didn't suck." What-- nooo! I had a moment of intense motherly panic. What will he answer when he's sixteen instead of six?? :( Never mind. I don't want to know. But it inspired me to take a bunch of pictures of his sweet little face.

5. I'm listening to Beauty and the Beast play on the TV in another room. Now I want to watch it. Little town, it's a quiet village... every day, like the one before... I know I've said it before, but the second or third thing on my selfish wishlist is Belle's library.

See? Completely random. And now I hope you'll take a peek at this:

Enjoy your weekend!

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