Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wendy's Amazing News!!!!! A Blog Post Full of Exclamation Points!!!!!!!

Wendy Sparrow has been offered representation by Sarah Yake at Frances Collins Literary!!!!!!!!!!!! I've made announcements like this for other blogger friends, but this isn't just any blogger friend. This is WENDY!!!!!!!! 

Here is her blog post officially revealing the big news:

Wendy's Blog Post Officially Revealing The Big News!!!

If you aren't already following Wendy, do follow her so you can congratulate and share in the JOY!!!


  1. What fantastic news! It always gives me hope when one of the Great Unpublished finally gets up to the "represented" rung of the ladder. Sounds like Wendy really deserves it.

  2. *dances* Wendy is AWESOME! Yay :) You're so sweet for writing this! :)

  3. That's so awesome - I knew it would happen for her one day. And congratulations to you too - I know you had a hand in helping to get her work query ready.

    Now I look forward to the day we can congratulate you...any news?

  4. *grabs hands* *dances in circles*