Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mountain Snow Day! Another Crazy Adventure!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a One Of My Crazy Adventures post, so that’s what’s in store today. Some of you might remember my Ode to San Diego (where we used to live), or perhaps The Day My Pop-Up Shade Cartwheeled Across The Beach, among others. This time it's The Snow Day That Somehow Became A Writing Analogy!

So I’d been hinting to the husband how fun it would be to drive up to the snow for the day... especially with the recent rain and the kids having a four-day weekend. Yesterday morning he came downstairs and said LET’S DO THIS OH YEAH! SNOW DAY WOOOOO!!!! <NOT a direct quote, but it’s what I HEARD okay?!!
I went directly into Mom Organization Mode, finding everyone’s warm clothes**, packing extra socks, putting a picnic lunch together.** 
**Some of you might remember, we recently moved to our Very First House, but *sad sigh* ...we lost a few things in the move. One of the things we lost was a bin labeled “Snow Things.” 

Oh no!

Thankfully, the kids’ snow pants and jackets were stored elsewhere, but we needed to stop at a sporting goods store to buy hats, gloves, proper shoes (expensive!!) and other randomness that non-mountainy Southern Californians rarely have to think about.
Back to the snow day.
Ever since forever, we’ve gone to the edge of the high desert for our snow days, where the desert meets the base of the mountains. It’s a straight, quick drive. BUT, this time, the husband wanted to try the MOUNTAINS. Not really farther away, but it meant going in a different direction up a twisty mountain road that FELT farther away........ and it was so... much... colder!!! But also so much more beautiful. Now that I’ve done it this way, I’d rather visit mountain snow every time.

Look!! Okay, it's hard to capture the way the mist BILLOWED down but it's magical, you have to believe me!!

I’ve been to the mountains before, but normally when it’s sunny and green. Seeing it all wintry was lovely. We happened to visit when a system of clouds began descending. I’ve never seen anything like it, not fog... like, enormous, slow-moving puffs of mist. They were so white and practically transparent, floating down to land on the mountain and everything on it. It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.

A Slight Mishap.
This is the first time we’ve been to the snow where we needed chains for the tires. So we bought some, and being city-slickers we TOTALLY bought the expensive ones, thinking they’d be better. AND WE LOST ONE OF THEM!!!
OMG brand new chains, and one was gone!!! The husband was less than pleased. By the time we noticed the loss, we’d driven a long way up!! We could've lost it anywhere! But I insisted we at least TRY and backtrack. Amazingly, we found the missing chain!!! It wasn’t even broken!!!
The Writer Analogy Part.
Oops, I told myself I’d leave writing out of this post, but....... I feel an analogy coming on!! There are two ways I know of to visit the snow-- and snow is snow either way, right? The kids will make snowmen and angels and forts whether it’s at the end of a straight freeway or up a twisting mountain road that needs chains. But for myself, I found the long, twisty snow trip so much more rewarding, and I enjoyed the experience a million times more. And aren’t books that way too? As much as a story can entertain, it’s those books that take us on a journey full of twists and turns, full of mishaps and hidden beauty, those are the books that really make us fall in love. 
So. Yeah, I guess we should strive for that in our writing. If there’s a way to make our stories more complex, richer, more unexpected and beautiful, that’s what we should be striving for... those twists and turns that make the journey worthwhile. Even if it means it will take us longer to get it right.

Back to the Snow Story.
ANYWAY, the kids had a wonderful time. I don’t really think they saw a difference between our city snow trips and the mountains-- they only knew one thing: SNOWPLAY! Poor three-year-old kept getting stuck, or falling down, and pretty soon he was a crying mess. The little guy’s face was soaked with tears, but he didn’t want to leave! 
Eventually a snowball fight broke out and I let the husband handle that, while I hid out in the car (it was COLD!). We drove back down the mountain, amazed at how high we’d really been as the clouds cleared and we saw the city below.
So in conclusion, driving up to the mountains meant we needed to buy chains and it was a heckuvalot colder, but it was also completely worth it.


  1. Great pictures! We Californians have the best of all worlds, don't we? We get to live in perfect weather 90% of the time, and if we want to have a weather adventure, we only have to travel a few miles. I love going from my little beachy paradise up to Yosemite for some serious snow, but from San Diego, you don't even have to travel that far.

    You may get a few envious reactions here. But what a treat for your kids! And that's so amazing you found the lost tire chain. The snow angels were looking after you.

  2. Hehe Im glad you guys had fun! And good job tying it to writing ;)

    The pictures are gorgeous! Alas, I dont have to hunt for snow. Heck, on a bad snow day we have snow in our basement *rolls eyes*


  3. You look so CUTE!

    And your snow trip sounds awesome and hilarious! It is still strange for me to think of needing to drive to the snow in winter-- but at least you can reach SOME snow and aren't Snow-deprived all year long!

    I say this, as I glance out my window at the foot of snow that still hasn't melted after the three blizzards that hit us in a row in January, despite some solid 40 degree days.

  4. Hi Anne :) Thank you! You're so lucky to live near the beach! And nope, I don't live in San Diego... it's where I went to college though *sad sigh* I miss it.

    Hi Natalie *hugs!* Thanks!! And oops, I didn't mean to tie it into writing... it seems like I can't blog without doing so though!!

    Amalia awww thanks <3 And haha yes I feel like I sound weird, talking about driving out to the snow... like it's an amusement park or something :P

  5. Fun! Snow in our backyard came up to the windows this year. The kids snow-angeled it up!

  6. Haha...everything relates to writing! That's quite the snow day!


  7. Catherine that sounds so fun! My kids would LOVE to have snow in the backyard. Every winter they ask if there's ANY way it might happen!

    Haha so true Carla! At least, if my blog posts can be believed! :P

  8. I can't believe we were this close and didn't even know it. How fun! Your snow angel is pretty too.

  9. What a fun trip! We love snow angels here. :)

  10. Dana I KNOW!!! We could have met up if you think about it!!! Maybe next year?!

    Hi Janet! Thanks, we had lots of fun :)