Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Have a Nook! An Analysis...

I do! The awesome Nook Color. It has a Pandora app that's integrated into book reading, and I can go on the internet, and it has games, AND yes, it's also an e-reader...

...but I do love my physical books. I lovvve them, the way they look on my bookshelf, holding them, flipping each page as I read, thumbing back to a particular scene; after reading on my Nook I can definitely say I prefer holding a book in my hands. 


I also love my Nook. 

I love that I didn't have to leave the house to buy Anna and the French Kiss. I also love that I downloaded a bunch of classics onto it (Shakespeare, Dumas, Austen, a bunch of others) for free. I don't want these books removed from my bookshelves, but I like that I can carry them with me anywhere I go. 

If I'm at home, snuggled with blankets on my reading couch, YES I want to pull down my musty copy of The Complete Works of Shakespeare and bury myself in A Midsummer Night's Dream... but it's lovely that I can now enjoy my favorite books away from home.


I have to admit, I'm excited to use the Nook's lending feature... I have a couple of friends that either have a Nook or an iphone Nook app. Apparently a book can be lent out once, and it will leave my library and go into theirs for two weeks (or vice versa). Then it automatically comes back to me! I don't have to worry about my ebooks going MIA the way physical ones tend to..... *eyes gaping holes in bookshelf* *sad sigh*

Reading on the Nook:

My first experience reading on my Nook book was great! 

It wasn't perfect though. 

Often-- quite often-- the touchscreen wouldn't turn to the next page until I'd tapped it four or five times.......touchscreens always do that to me, I don't apply the right pressure or something, GAH! It's highly annoying on other forms of technology, but when READING-- ugh, horrible!! There was this one scene, and the characters were about to maybe-possibly kiss and I couldn't get to the next page!! It was sheer. Agony. I kept thinking, "ARGH!!! I'd have turned the page by now if this were paper!! Respond, touchscreen, respond!!!" 

I don't know if anyone else has touchscreen issues. Maybe that's just me *grins*

Another issue: it's not really possible to thumb back to a scene. I don't do that often, but sometimes, like if someone else is discussing the same book I'm reading, I would normally hold my place in a physical book and flip back to the scene they're talking about. Now I can't. Anyway, it's a minor thing, and honestly if I love a book that much I'll get the physical book. Reading a physical book feels more fluid.

To sum up, so far, my Nook feels like a fun way to read books:

a) books that are probably not my Keep-Them-Forever books. I have vast quantities of romance and fantasy novels that I can see falling into this category, and now I won't have to feel guilt about what to do with mountains of books that I don't necessarily want to keep.

b) books that might be Keep-Them-Forever books but I'm too excited to wait to go to the bookstore (in which case I might end up buying the book twice, after it's out on paperback-- I'll do this for Anna and the French Kiss).


c) books that I want to conveniently have in my Nook to read when I'm away from home. These will probably be classics, since they're free ;) Or books I want to take on a trip, I imagine.

In conclusion, I'm excited about my Nook! It brings me a new way to read stories *happy dance* Books are my very favorite, so this is a definite win.

What are your thoughts on ereaders? Will I love my Nook as much in a few months? Will I still love my physical books more?


  1. I don't have an e-reader, but every time I go to B&N I can't help but look at the Nook display. (I've never gone over and checked it out because of the salesperson and I avoid those at all costs, lol!

    Anyway, I think I'd enjoy one. I'll probably get one eventually, but nothing will ever take the place of a real book. I love the feel and even the smell of a real book too much to give them up.

  2. The nook color gives me hope for comic books on e-readers some day. BUT that said, I am kind of anti-e-reader BECAUSE:

    the technology is just changing too fast and tomorrow it could be obsolete and ten years from now it will definitely be obsolete and 30 years from now I will have purchased all these e-books that I can now no longer read and have to buy all over again in a new format for a new device. BUT, if I buy the book in PAPER, I will ALWAYS be able to read it, and I will NEVER have to worry that the format I purchased it under will no longer be available when I want to offer it to my grandchildren, or my best friend when I am 60.

    It's like VHS and DVD and Blu-Ray. I hate that I have to buy all my movies again on DVD because VCRs are getting impossible to find to replace the one I have.

  3. I don't have one and I'm not altogether sure I want one either. I know! I know! I'm living in the past. But the only real benefit in my eyes would be for traveling (which I don't) or for one touch purchases, BUT despite the fact that I hate (read loathe) shopping, I love book shopping. I love looking at each and every book, picking them up, looking them over, gently stroking the spine and saying, "You will be mine. Oh, yes. You will be mine." Don't want to give that up.

  4. Melissa, I was the same way. I figured I'd enjoy one but I avoided looking at them in the bookstore because I didn't want to waste precious book time talking to a sales person. If Superhusband hadn't given it to me for Christmas, this change might never have come.

    Amalia, the Nook Color came with two picture books and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before comic books are available. As for changing technology, YES, I completely agree, and that's definitely one reason why I'm still (and always will) but my favorite authors in paper :)

    Tina, ME TOO!!! I love book shopping, and I'll never give that up. I definitely foresee this as more for books that I don't really imagine keeping...of which I buy many LOL!!

  5. I bought a color NOOK too (reviewed the first book I read on it today). I am feeling a bit disconnected from the books at the moment, honestly.

    And where do you get more games? I'd love more.

  6. Hi Lenore, I'll definitely check out your review! I have no idea where to get more games, I'm incredibly tech-UNsavvy :( But if I find out I'll let you know.

    On a side-note, I like browsing the web from my nook, and I somewhat wish they'd add a twitter app but then again, considering I'd have to use the touchscreen to type, I think I'm fine with my blackberry on that one.

  7. I have recently started reading a few eBooks but I do not have an eReader. I'm still devoted to physical books but I agree that there are some circumstances when you need to read an from the galleys I've started to get on NetGalley which are books that haven't even been released yet. I'm trying to see if I can understand which is the best eReader in case I do want one, so it's good to read about the pros and cons of the Nook. Thank you and happy reading! =D

  8. Wow, I didn't want one until I read your post. Ha. Now I'm imagining all of Jane Austen's books with me wherever I go. Hmm....

  9. Keri, ooooo that sounds awesome about NetGalley. I've never heard of that before... just of physical arcs. And, I'm also devoted to physical books, but I'm definitely seeing a lot of pros to my nook :)

    Catherine, YES!! That more than anything makes it amazing. So many free books, not to REPLACE my copies, but to compliment them in a portable way <3 <3 Well that, and the vast numbers of romance novels that won't sit in piles around my house anymore hehe :)

  10. We have iPads and Kindles in our house. I prefer to read on the Kindle for my eyes, but the iPad is cool for colour books. The Nook function of lending sounds great, I don't think Kindle lets you do that and it annoys me.
    Enjoy your new toy :-)

  11. My son and I have been really enjoying the NookKids app on the iPad. I normally use either Kindle or Kobo apps to read. And I still find myself buying print copies of ebooks I've read that I've decided are keepers!

  12. I got the kindle last christmas and I still love it. However, I'm with you. I still prefer the actual book. That hasnt changed for me, but I still adore my kindle.

  13. I'm not there yet, but it helps to get feedback from those who are. Thanks.

  14. Charmaine, oh my husband has an iPad but he isn't a reader lol. He loves it for the internet and watching movies. And thank you, I AM enjoying my new toy! Very very much :)

    Belle, I saw the NookKids app! I'm hiding it, though....if my kids see it, I might not get my nook back! And also I fully intend to still buy print copies of ebooks that I want for my keeper shelf! I guess I'm not just a storylover, I'm a BOOK lover too :)

    Nat, *HUGS!* Yes, there's something about a physical book :) I hope I still love my nook a year from now... it seems like I will <3 <3

    Liza, I'm glad you found my post helpful! I didn't think I was "there" yet either... it snuck up on me!

  15. Congrats on your beautiful new Nook! :) I don't have an e-reader and I love the feel of books too much, but I'll definitely have to try it out sometime. It sounds so convenient!

  16. I've been loving reading on my iPad. I use a bunch of different e-reading apps. The NookKids app is a favorite with my son, too.

    I find when I discover an ebook I really love, I have to order a print copy too for my shelves!

  17. Ooooo, you got the color Nook. I saw the brochure for one and it looked really cool. My hubby wanted to buy me some kind of ereader for Christmas because I read so many books but I don't want one. I like the anticipation of waiting for a book to come in the mail. The feel of the pages in your hand and all that. Don't get me wrong, if someone wanted to give me one for free I'd use it but I don't think I'll convert.

    I flip back a lot in my books too, so I can see where that would be frustrating.

    Can you only lend a ebook out once? or once to that person? just curious.