Friday, December 31, 2010

Random Things I Learned in 2010

It's thirteen hours from 2011... spooky! 

I'm really glad I don't make New Year's Resolutions. A) I'd only have thirteen hours left to accomplish whatever it was I'd been failing at all year, and B) I'd spend the next thirteen hours making lists of my resolutions (because I make lists). 

Making resolutions might be silly anyway, because Rhonda (@rcowsert) and I determined that the world *might* be entering into a Vortex of Doom at midnight, one timezone at a time.....bwa-ha-ha-ha-haaaaa!!!

Anywayyyy, here is the topic of my Final Post of 2010! And yes, it's a list...

10 Random Things I Learned in 2010

1. I learned how to make bacon without it being burnt or soggy, and that another person makes wishes at 11:11. Basically, I learned that Tina is more important to me than I can say <3

2. I learned way too much about growing a lawn. (Only two things really matter: 1) it's hard, and 2) I hate gophers. I even hate typing the word out, grrrr!)

3. I learned that moving to a new city can be a good thing. Especially when it makes a special friend matter that much more. *loves Janelle*

4. I learned that after a year, I still miss Papa just as much. I always will. And I'll never stop feeling bad for my husband, who lost his dad way too soon.

5. I learned how to make friends on Twitter. And that I miss them when they're gone. #foobaconjace. Disney Movie Fridays. BACON. #cheeselove. Kona. Sushi. French vanilla. #longesttwitterthreadever. Crossbows and the zombie apocolypse. Cryptic references. #Untweetable. Revisions are hard...very, very hard. *lurks* #lovesTwitter

6. I learned that a crockpot is the best cooking thing ever!

7. I learned that I'm going to be an aunt again!!!!!!!

8. I learned that Disney World is just as much fun the second time :D

9. I learned how hard it is to truly let go of an old manuscript.

10. I learned that I can't force my mind to do it what it doesn't want to do... or my heart to feel what it doesn't want to feel. This one, I think, I'm still learning.

I hope I never stop learning. I want to learn... but it sucks that so many lessons have to hurt so much.

And, because I love books and my blog is random, here are my three favorite books of 2010:

1. Graceling (okay, it came out before 2010, but I didn't read it until recently)

2. Mockingjay

3. Anna and the French Kiss

Annnnnd........that's it! I'm ready for 2011!!! Or the Vortex of Doom!!! Either way! If you learned anything this year and want to share, I'd love to hear. Also, what were your favorite books of 2010?


  1. 1.) I learned that you are important to me too. So important. So very, very important.

    I LOVED Anna and the French Kiss. And Firelight. And Matched. Three favorites. Mockingjay made me very angry :( But I did love it...

    Can't wait until 11:11 on 11/11. That wish just *has* to come true, right? Right?


  2. I love your list(s)! In 2010 I learned that:

    1. 20 years of marriage can fly by.
    2. Having your children exactly 3 years apart means they will turn 10 years old, 13 years old and 16 years old all in the same year.
    3. Having two teenagers isn't much different than one (yet).
    4. At age 10, sons don't want to be kissed by their Moms in public.
    5. Painting is almost as fun as writing. Almost.

  3. Oh! Disney Movie Fridays!!!

    I miss you when you're not around, too. :)

  4. I've learned that only writer friends get writing. No one else quite understands what you're going through like your writer buddies.

  5. Hi Tina! You're right... 11/11/11, we can't forget this one. But today might be powerful too... 1/1/11 is kind of like it's own eleven-eleven......let's wish today for sure too <3

    Hi Catherine! I love your list too. I'm sad to read Number 4 though :( Hey my kids are exactly three years apart also-- even down to the month! And I love your paintings. You're a very talented artist in both writing and painting :)

    Amalia!!! Yes, Disney Movie Fridays! And Twitter is never the same without you xoxoxoxo

    Aw Dana you are so right. I don't know what I'd do without you <3 <3

  6. *waves* I love your lists... they're so listy and I like that about you.

  7. Disney World is just as much fun the second time, fifth time, thirteenth time, need I go on? If you have an active imagination, then Disney World is your mecca! :)

  8. WENDY!!!! *huge hugs and kisses* You've always liked me for who I am, and I like that about you too.

    DL, hmmm I don't know if I can take your word on it......I think I'll have to go back to Disney World a fifth and thirteenth time -just to be sure- and maybe even more than that!!! ºoº *mouse ear high five!*