Wednesday, December 1, 2010

10 Signs You *May* Be Procrastinating Revisions

10. You're catching up on blogs you haven't seen in ages-- including your own!

9. Your house is getting suspiciously cleaner and cleaner. (Really, it's been AGES since the blinds have been taken down for a good scrubbing-- it can't wait another minute!).

8. You've made out-of-the-blue appointments to see the optometrist and/or the dentist.

7. Now seems like the right time to organize the 5,877 pictures in your computer's photo file.

6. Now seems like the right time to choose a new layout for your blog/website/twitter/etc.

5. You're on twitter. Possibly creating a list called The Procrastination Time Suck.

4. You make handwritten lists and leave them everywhere. ALL kinds of lists. Things you need to do, phone calls you need to make, grocery lists, Christmas lists, movies you want to watch, books you want to read-- you stop yourself before you make a list of all your lists. You're not ridiculous :P

3. You "work" on your story by making up family trees and intricate timelines of each character's life, and decide that you REALLY need a flow chart of all the events of your story, and actually, NOW is a good time to make sure the outline of the story matches the changes you've made so far in the revision process.

2. Two words: Agent research.

1. You consider and/or start a brand new manuscript. (Oh dear).

Anyone else have signs of procrastination? Merely for illustrative purposes, of course ;)
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  1. I busted out laughing at #7. That is such a thing I would do. Great list and I'm sure I've procrastinated with many of them if not a few creative ones on my own...Didn't you need a big favor from me? This wouldn't happen to do with a certain MS needing a sneaky peek would it?

  2. 11. Harry Potter marathon

    12. Raking (eight bags of) leaves.

    13. Turning the garage into a playroom . . . after you clean it out.

  3. 11. Read books for "market research purposes" in other genres... and for a different age group. Doh!

    Agent research isn't a bad way to procrastinate, though.

    I still can't believe Nathan Bransford got out of the business. Oy. Blew my mind.

  4. 11. Creating Pandora stations for each character, even the ones that only show up for one chapter and disappear.

    Yup I did that today AND started a new MS. *facepalm*

  5. I always say--"Show me a writer with a clean house and I'll show you a case of writer's block."

  6. 11. Stalk ebay for days even though you know you're never going to buy the toys on there because they're too expensive but you do it anyway because this one particular toy you're looking for is sold out everywhere else.

  7. Oh marathon in the name of research! lol GREAT list!

  8. 10, 7, 5, 3, and 2 are DEFINITE signs. I think el husband WISHES that 9 was one of my devices. Definitely browsing Amazon is another one of my timesucks, and wandering about a writer's forum I'm part of. Also: online roleplaying. I am DEFINITELY procrastinating if I am Rping online.

  9. I've been laughing through your comments guys, THANK YOU!!! I had a feeling I wasn't alone! :P

    I'm tempted to respond to each comment individually but I PROMISED myself that I'd only come on the laptop to work on revisions (hence, this blog post was sent through my phone!) so I'm keeping it brief and forging ahead! I will say this tough:

    I've re-watched Harry Potter, I've read for "market research" (extensively), I've been on Pandora WAY TOO OFTEN, my house is still clean, I had a movie-marathon with my sister, and I've been on Amazon (though not ebay!) looking through books and making a list of the ones I want to read next. OYYYYYYYYYY!! I need to get off the laptop LOL! HUGS everyone, thanks again, and wish me luck!


  10. I'm totally ashamed to say how many of those I actually have done. :(

  11. Spend four hours Googling pictures of handsome dark-haired men for character "research" :)

  12. Thanks Corey!! Isn't it true??? Horrible lol lol lol!!!

    DL, I do them ALL and more!!!!!

    Lisa, I think that one is my very favorite mmmm!!!

  13. 11. Harass other writers about their revisions... Yeah. I got called on that today...